Wedding Policies

Wedding Request Application is available for printing in the Adobe Acrobat file format. The application can be mailed or emailed to the church office.


At Village Church of Lincolnshire (VCL), we want to help launch healthy homes so we welcome the opportunity to work with couples planning a Lincolnshire wedding. Our interest is not merely in performing weddings but in laying a foundation for homes where couples not only love much but also love well. Essential to our purpose is thorough premarital counseling which we require of any couple being married in our building or by pastoral staff from our church.


Our conviction and standard, necessitated by our doctrinal commitment to the Bible, is that marriage is the original and foundational institution of human society, established by God as a one-flesh, covenantal union between a man and a woman. Marriage is intended to be life-long (until separated by death) and exclusive (monogamous and faithful). It is created  by God for our delight, growth, and  for bearing and rearing children. Ultimately, marriage reflects the relationship between Christ and the Church.


Couples seeking to be married at VCL need not be members or even attendees at Village Church. However, they must agree to attend all premarital counseling – a minimum of six sessions. Approval may be withdrawn if after one or two meetings it becomes apparent in counseling that there is not adequate health in the relationship for the church to agree to the wedding. (Generally, we do approve most weddings). If you wish to use a minister from outside the church, approval is needed from our pastor. Any officiating minister must affirm our church’s statement of faith with minimal reservations.


At the heart of our church’s values is a commitment to Biblical truth and devotion to Jesus Christ. We do not require that couples getting married here be committed Christians, but we believe that faith in Christ provides the best possible underpinning for a strong marriage. We will marry a man and woman who are both disciples of Jesus Christ, or two who are not, but in keeping with the Scriptures we will not marry a person who is a disciple to one who is not.


As mentioned above, we require premarital counseling which includes some personality testing (which couples find to be fun and very informative), some Bible study, and discussions on communication, conflict resolution, values, finances, and extended families. Couples consistently tell us that they find these sessions to be fun and helpful, providing a unique opportunity to build a relationship with one of our pastors.


The pastor will work with you to plan a ceremony that is personal and dignified. The church has final approval on matters relative to the marriage ceremony, including music.


Once the wedding date is confirmed in writing and all fees have been paid, VCL’s wedding coordinator will meet with you to discuss the wedding plans. The coordinator and you will continue to communicate as need dictates via phone and personal meeting. The wedding ceremony is finalized by working with the pastor in planning the specific order of events such as vows, music, Scripture reading, etc. Questions regarding the florist, photographer, bridal attire purchases or rentals, aisle runner and seating capacity will be discussed with the coordinator.


Remember to get your wedding license from Lake County.

Setting the Date

Schedule the wedding ceremony well in advance of the intended date–a minimum of three months. though the more time the better. This allows sufficient time for counseling and planning. Weddings will not be performed on a Sunday due to the difficulty of decorating and clean-up.

Your rehearsal date and time will be scheduled once your wedding date is confirmed. All dates are tentative until payment is received, so it is important to get your fees submitted in a timely manner so that the date can be held. A confirmation letter is sent once the wedding date is on the church calendar. The letter states the wedding date and time, the rehearsal date and time, and the name of the wedding coordinator who will work with you, along with her phone number.

At the rehearsal, which should start promptly at the scheduled time, the ceremony is finalized with an actual walk-through of the entire wedding program with the pastor and the coordinator. All participants MUST attend, and only the actual participants should be in the sanctuary during the rehearsal. The duration of the rehearsal is 60 to 90 minutes and requires prompt and complete attendance by everyone participating in the wedding including ushers and any family who will be seated as part of the processional. Although the musicians must attend, time may not allow for actual practice during the time of the rehearsal. If any recordings are to be used during the ceremony please bring them to the rehearsal and give them to the sound technician. Your fee gives you use of the building for two hours.

The church is usually available to be decorated the day prior to the wedding. On the day of the wedding, plan on about 4 hours from when you arrive at the church until you depart after the ceremony.

Finding the Church

The mailing address of the church is 201 N. Riverwoods Road, Lake Forest, IL. However, the church is physically located in Lincolnshire.  Some GPS  systems are sometimes incorrect. Click here for detailed directions to our church.

The Facilities

The Village Church of Lincolnshire seats 325 guests. There is a center aisle that is 50 feet long and it is 5 feet, 2 inches wide. There are 12 pews in the two center sections and 9 pews on the right side and 7 on the piano, or left, side. The platform is raised by 2 steps. There are two wooden pedestals that are 28½ inches high that can each hold a bouquet of flowers. Candelabras, kneeling bench, and aisle runner can be rented from florists, party supply stores, or rental companies. The platform is 30½ feet wide and 9 feet deep. The area in front, between the platform and the first pew is 8 feet.  At the front of the church there is a 13 foot, “\/” shaped opening to the baptistery and cross.


The Fellowship Hall may be available for receptions, however, use is limited to the room itself. Dishes, silverware, serving ware, tablecloths and appliances may not be used and must be provided by the bridal couple. Additionally, the couple is expected to be responsible for the table and chair set-up and take-down. ALL food must be removed from the church following the reception. A sound system and projector are available for an additional fee.  Any use of the Fellowship Hall for refreshments, etc., may incur an additional charge and must be cleared with your wedding coordinator.


Most set-up can begin the day prior to the wedding and take-down must be completed by 8:00 pm. (Seasonal decorations, i.e. Christmas tree or wreath, cannot be removed.)


  • $450 for regular attendees and their children. $650 for all others. The fee includes the use of the sanctuary, plus custodial and technical help and the services of our wedding coordinator. Checks payable to Village Church of Lincolnshire must be received in order to have the wedding placed on the calendar. Additionally, a refundable security deposit must be remitted. ($350 if you are not a regular attender of Village Church of Lincolnshire, $150 for regular attenders.) (See also additional policies.)
  • This fee assumes that you will use the church for approximately 2 hours for your rehearsal and up to 4 hours on your wedding day.  Usage of the facilities beyond this amount of time may increase the wedding fee.
  • The church does not provide musicians but will try to help you find qualified people upon request.
  • In addition to payment for services, it is customary to thank the officiating minister and musicians through an honorarium. These honoraria are given to the individuals directly by the couple. We provide the premarital counseling free of charge, as our gift to the couple. Please note that the pastor and musicians are not compensated out of the fees paid to the church.
  • If the Fellowship Hall is used for a reception an additional fee of $400 is required.  The additional security deposit for use of Fellowship Hall is $500 if you are not a regular attendee of Village Church of Lincolnshire and $250 if you are a regular attendee.
  • The sound system and projector can be used for the reception for an additional $100. As with the sanctuary, a refundable security deposit must be remitted for the use of the fellowship hall.
  • If communion is held during the ceremony, the communion elements are to be provided by the bridal couple.

Additional Policies

  • Smoking is prohibited in the building. NO alcoholic beverages are allowed anywhere on VCL property. Violations are subject to loss of the security deposit.
  • Only bubbles may be used outside as the bridal couple leaves the church.
  • The piano may not be moved. If it is moved, it may require re-tuning resulting in an additional charge.
  • Decorations may be used in the church. If affixing to any wood surface, please use only masking tape or Command Adhesive hooks. Nails and staples are prohibited.
  • Candles may be used but must not be placed where they could risk being tipped or causing any other fire hazard. The wedding coordinator reserves the right to reposition or remove any candles which are deemed unsafe.
  • Certificates of Insurance which list Village Church of Lincolnshire on a primary contributory basis are required from all outside vendors including florist, photographer and videographer. These can be emailed to the church at, referencing your wedding date.
  • Smoking and the use of any alcoholic beverages or liquor is prohibited anywhere on the VCL property.
  • Everyone must be out of the church building by 8:00 PM on Saturday so that the custodian can prepare for Sunday services.
  • The security deposit is fully refundable and will be mailed to you if you have fully complied with all these guidelines. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in charges as determined by the church to be deducted from the security deposit.

We share in your happiness as you make your wedding plans and begin the beautiful adventure of marriage. We are anxious to serve you and to do our best to make your wedding day one that is God-glorifying and the joyous occasion that you anticipate.

With great Christian joy we here at Village Church of Lincolnshire are at your service.