As the closest evangelical church to Trinity, we have been a church home for hundreds of undergrad and graduate students over the last four decades. We delight in the Christian vitality students bring. Students tell us again and again that they love our intimate size and family feeling, the thoughtful and creative worship and preaching, and the opportunities to serve, even if they are only here for a short time. They also like how close we are to campus. They can sleep in a little later!

Our entire congregation is committed to being a church home for Trinity students. We often say that we want to leave our fingerprints on the students who come through our church. We love the idea of extending our ministry all over the world through the students have been part of our fellowship.

Our ministry staff all graduated from Trinity and Pastor Lee Eclov is an adjunct instructor at the seminary (Introduction to Counseling Ministries). Our pastors are often on campus and delight in meeting with students.


Mentoring Church

One of our core values says,

Because God has entrusted us with students from Trinity International University, we are committed to being a Mentoring Church in order to do our part in shaping the Christian leaders of the future.

Village church offers a unique training opportunity to M.Div. students who commit to us for the duration of their time at Trinity. We will work with you throughout your internship requirements. You will become like a favorite son or daughter to our church, gain valuable real-life ministry experience, and enjoy close mentoring relationships with our pastors.