The Browns

Missionaries on the campus of the University of Kansas

Mark and Brenda and their daughter, Katie

This is what Mark has to say about their ministry:

It was while attending a university that Brenda and I both began to gain a heart for the critical need of reaching the college campus. We saw the students around us pursue the idols of pleasure, pride and monetary success. Brenda and I both came to know Christ at a young age but in college the Lord used Campus Crusade for Christ to teach and train us. There we gained valuable ministry skills for leading Bible studies and sharing our faith. But beyond this the Lord used the staff and students involved to give us a heart to live for the glory of God.

Since 1987 and 1989 Brenda and I have served with Campus Crusade for Christ. These years have taken us to Auburn University, University of Nebraska –Lincoln, Northwestern University, University of Kansas and summers with CCC Missions in: East Asia, Spain, Chile, Thailand, Newport Beach, Myrtle Beach, Ft. Collins, CO.

In the Fall of 2000 I assumed the role of Campus Director of CCC at the University of Kansas. For 8 1/2 years the Lord blessed us in this position and blessed many students and staff invovled in the ministry.

As of January 2009 We have taken a new role with Faculty Commons. Our vision for reaching students remains but we are now leveraging the influence of Faculty to reach the hearts and minds of students.

Questions about the Browns

1.) What is their job with Campus Crusade for Christ?

They serve as a couple, but technically Mark is the Regional Advisor of Faculty Commons. They will seek to reach out to faculty, equip them to walk with God, and then reach and mentor faculty and students in the faith. This will include small groups, providing opportunities to speak at our CCC undergrad meetings, setting them up with international missions opportunities, and launching new regional-wide conferences and gatherings of Christian faculty. Lastly, they will be recruiting current veteran staff in our region to join them in their launch of Faculty Commons.

2.) Do they still work with students?

Yes and no. Their new ministry is designed to reach students through professors. Profs spend hours with students each wee. Their influence is remarkable. If they can call and embolden faculty to mentor students the results could be amazing. In this regard their ministry will be with faculty. On the other hand, after 20 years of working directly with students the Browns will continue to have students in their lives. Mark will teach at our large group weekly meeting at times and will mentor some men on Monday mornings. Brenda will also teach and lead students in a small group and support our new ministry with faculty.

Prayer Requests from the Mark Brown:

1. Pray for Brenda and I in our marriage and devotion to Christ. We always want to stay focused on this foundation and need your intercession.

2. Pray f or our student and Faculty leaders, the ministry rests on the shoulders of key students that volunteer and lead others spiritually.

3.) Pray for openness to the gospel on campus, it is the Lord who loves us and calls us, we must ask him to work in the hearts of this generation.