The Alfors

Missionaries to the Fulbé people in Cameroon

Dave and Patsy Alfors

David & Patsy served for 12 years in the Congo, church planting among the Water People, an unreached people group who live a swamp area of the Congo River.  In response to the prayers of God’s people, God blessed this work and 16 churches were established.  In 1996 they were able to turn over this ministry to African pastors, who continued to serve faithfully, in spite of the difficulties of the war in that country.

In 1997, David and Patsy began a new ministry of evangelism and church planting among the Fulbé. The Fulbé are semi-nomadic cattle-herders who are Muslim. Currently, the Alfors are church planting among people who speak the Fulbé language in northern Cameroon at the village of Meskine. They are partnering with the Medical Centers of West Africa, whose goal is to used the medical ministry as a means to plant churches. David helps with the technical issues at the Meskine Hospital and prepares Bible studies and tracts in the Fulbé language. Patsy has open doors to tell Bible stories to their Muslim neighbors and she has more women listening to stories than she can handle. Praise the Lord!

The Alfors serve through ReachGlobal. For more information about ReachGlobal in Africa, please click here.

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Pray for the Alfors as they labor for Christ in Cameroon. Then send them an email letting them know you prayed for them!