Parents at Village Church

Whether you are the parent of a toddler or a teenager, we at VCL understand that you have one of the most important and rewarding tasks anyone could have. We also understand how difficult and demanding it can be at times to raise children, especially in our current culture. While we cannot offer you a “how to” manual with all of the answers, we do offer these following web links and downloads. We believe you will find the information and ideas here helpful to you as you seek to raise your children “to be and to make disciples of Jesus Christ.”

We encourage you to sign up for the weekly parenting emails delivered from this site. These are particularly relevant and helpful to families with small children.

XXXChurch has resources and ideas to help parents and teens confront the issue of Internet pornography.

The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding has up-to-date information on current trends and research on today’s constantly changing youth culture.

Music and movie reviews for parents and teens.

College information for parents and students.

Information and ideas for parents and teens interested in impacting their schools for Christ.

Planet Wisdom has a number of resources for parents. Read music and movie reviews from a Christian perspective, sign up to receive fresh ideas (via email) for connecting with your teen, and more.

Heritage Builders exists to educate, train, and equip families to become intentional about passing on a spiritual heritage to their children.

The Spiritual Portfolio

Imagine presenting to your child on their 18th birthday a notebook that contained a visual and written record of their spiritual growth from childhood through their teenage years! Imagine the impact as they become young adults being able to see the evidence of God’s hand on their life from their earliest days.