Children and Family

Village Church is a congregation that welcomes and values children. Our adult and teen volunteers are committed to helping children come to know Jesus as their Savior and to grow in their walk with Him.

We offer a supervised play experience for children ages 0–2 at the 9:00 hour, along with classes for children ages 2–3, ages 4–5, and an elementary class that hosts 1st through 5th grade.

After being dismissed from the service, children age 4 through 3rd grade learn the worship songs and Bible passages at an age-appropriate level. Once a month, children ages 4 and up join us for the entire worship service. Like any family, we believe it’s important to get the family together and worship as God’s people.

In everything we do for children, we desire that they would grow into thriving disciples of Jesus, learning to love him with their heads, hearts, and hands in every part of their lives. It is a precious blessing to be able to be part of their faith journey.