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Village Church of Lincolnshire

Guide for Home Worship: 6/19/22


Hope Inspires

This Sunday, we give God thanks for being the Father who gives us hope.  As we look at 1 Thessalonians 1:1-3, we will begin our summer series, “A Summer of Hope.”  This week we will discover the strength of being a people of hope.  Our hope rests squarely on the reality of Christ’s resurrection and it points us toward our own glorious future. Hope inspires us to keep on the paths of faith and love. This Sunday, our prayer is that you will enjoy the first step of the journey of being strengthened as your hope in Christ grows.

General Announcements

New 9am class starting June 19thThe God of All Beauty: Art, Creativity, and Faith – Two of our resident art-lovers, Carol Marshall and Pastor Casey, are teaming up for a short summer series covering a whole range of topics revolving around God’s immense beauty and invitation to join in that beauty. We’ll see how God is the source and definition of beauty, how the Bible talks about creativity (hint: it’s not what you might think!), and how God’s beautiful design can be expressed in every part of our lives. We’re also planning a field trip to the Art Institute of Chicago for all interested. Join us on June 19th at 9am in the Great Room to learn more!

Calling Blood Donors. It’s time for blood donors to sign up for the VCL blood drive on Monday, June 20 from 1:00 to 6:00 pm. In the last drive, most of the time slots were taken by non-VCL worshippers who signed themselves up via the internet. Late afternoon times will fill up quickly. If there is a time that you want, Ed Manzo can schedule you, or you can reserve it online personally.

Bi-Weekly Virtual Prayer Gathering: This Tuesday night (6/21) at 7:00 PM, we’ll be gathering on Zoom for our bi-weekly prayer meeting. Come join us for a meaningful time of prayer—all from the comfort of your own living room. Zoom details to follow via email. If you have a prayer request or an update, please send it to

New Member Applicant: Bruce Johnson has applied for membership at Village Church. His testimony is included here. Please take the time to read this wonderful story of grace as this is an important step in his application process.

Youth: Beach hangout with North Suburban Church! North Suburban church’s youth group has invited us to join them at Glencoe beach on Sunday, June 26th (from 7 to 8:30pm) for an evening of fun, devotion, and sharing. This is a great chance to meet new friends and fellow believers. Hope you can make it!

Welcome Center: We hope you’ve noticed, we frequently have treats to go with our coffee at the welcome center on Sundays. You are invited to contribute at a time that works for you (and we have openings on our schedule.) Some ideas are: a purchased sheet cake (possibly celebrating a special birthday?) homemade cookies or bars, a bowl of cuties or apples or a salty snack. You may have another idea, I’d love to hear it! To schedule a Sunday and find out more info, please email

Prayer… If you would like people from our church to pray for you at any time, please send your request directly to Once approved by one of our pastors, your request will go straight out to our prayer list.

If you’re not receiving our emails – please contact the church office at to be added to our email list. We would be happy for you to receive the information that is forwarded each week. Also any who would like to be added to the “prayer request list” may also contact the church office.


Giving & Financial Update

During this time, it’s more important than ever that we continue to embody our trust in the Lord’s provision through faithful, sacrificial giving. Please visit and make your offering as an intentional act of faith.

Although online giving is preferred during this time, you may also write and mail your checks to Village Church of Lincolnshire, 201 Riverwoods Rd, Lake Forest, IL 60045

General Fund Giving for June 2022

                                                                     Last Week                  Year to Date

Actual Giving June 12, 2022 ………..…….. $ 5,506      ………… $262,994

General Fund Budget 2022 ………..……… $11,415 ……………… $273,964

Variation to Budget ………………………… ($5,910) ……………… ($10,970)


Worship (Live-Streamed)

Please download today’s Order of Worship. Song lyrics and sermon notes included with Order of Worship.

This Sunday’s stream will be available on 6/19 at 10:30 AM. You can access it any time by clicking here.




Get in Touch!

If you’d like to know more about our church, or if you’d like someone to pray for you, please contact us today.