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Coronavirus and COVID-19 Resources

Thank you for visiting the Village Church of Lincolnshire. At this time our church is meeting for corporate worship. We have taken many precautions to make this a safe experience. The service is also live streamed for those who would prefer to worship from home.

Below, you’ll find additional resources from our church for home worship, encouragement, and specific policies at VCL during this time.

COVID-19 Updates

Lake County Health Department COVID-19 Updates

CDC: Get Your Community- and Faith-Based Organizations Ready for Coronavirus Disease 2019 – Interim Guidance

Pastoral Letters

A Letter from Pastor Kenny and the Elders About COVID-19

Rest in the Midst of a Pandemic

Keeping Our Connection Strong

Why Giving Matters (and a Few Other Things)

Where to Put Your Anxiety

Have You Gotten Angry Yet?

Liturgies for Home Worship

Liturgy for Home Worship 3/15/20: Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

Liturgy for Home Worship 3/22/20: The Lord of All

Liturgy for Home Worship 3/29/20: Cut to the Heart

Liturgy for Home Worship Palm Sunday (4/5/20): The King Approaches

Liturgy for Home Worship Easter (4/12/20): Christ is Risen

Liturgy for Home Worship 4/19/20: God’s People Together

Liturgy for Home Worship 4/26/20: Jesus’ Healing Power

Liturgy for Home Worship 5/3/20: Why Do You Wonder at This?

Liturgy for Home Worship 5/10/20: No Other Name

Liturgy for Home Worship 5/17/20: Let Us Draw Near to God and One Another

Liturgy for Home Worship 5/24/20: Speaking Truth to Power

Liturgy for Home Worship 5/31/20: Let Us Pray

Guide for Home Worship 6/7/20: Common Good, Common Goods

Guide for Home Worship 6/14/20: The Integrity of the Church

Guide for Home Worship 6/21/20: Do Not Grow Weary

VCL Policies & Resources

Village Church of Lincolnshire Pandemic Preparedness Plan

Five Ways to Bless your Brothers and Sisters During COVID-19

Five Ways to Bless your Community During COVID-19

Disciple Your Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic

VCL’s Digital Daily Office

How to Contribute to God’s Work at the Village Church of Lincolnshire

Resources for Parents

How to Talk to Children About the Coronavirus

20 Screen-free things to do With Your Kids Indoors When School Is Closed

Simple and Fun Non-Screen Activities that Children Can do at Home

50 Plus Easy Indoor Activities for Kids

Scholastic Learn At Home Programs

The Bible Project: Online Videos on Bible Themes and Books

Kids Christian Music Spotify Playlist

Your Weekly Resource Guide (3/31/20)

Your Easter Resource Guide (4/7/20)

Your Weekly Resource Guide (4/17/20)

Your Weekly Resource Guide (4/25/20)

If you’re feeling scared or anxious over this outbreak, then please contact’ll be glad to talk and pray with you.