Listen to the New Helper This morning, we celebrate the promised Spirit of Truth and his ministry in our midst.  Through singing, prayer and the preached Word, we will hear from Him and be blessed with the very presence of Christ and the Father above. As Pastor Jim Renke shares from John 14:15-31, we’ll discover the One Jesus promised in his absence. And we’ll learn to experience the peace and fellowship He offers. General

Trust the True Guide Fear can make us do crazy things, but God invites us to trust him no matter how scary things look. Today we take a break from John to look at the story of the Israelites in 1st Samuel 8, when their fear led them to try to control God rather than love and trust him. Join us as we seek a better way, a way guided by God's Spirit,

5.1.22 with lyrics Living in the New Posture The new life we live in Jesus takes on a different meaning when we read John 13. Instead of a life of power and influence, it’s a life of humble service that Jesus invites us to. And he reassures us this is the blessed and influential life. Join us in worship, as we thank God for the way he took on the needs of humanity,

Trust a New Guide This Sunday we worship a risen Savior who leads us to experience abundant life by his death and resurrection. Join us as we joyously worship victoriously through song, Scripture, and offering. Pastor Casey will be preaching on John 10:1-2. General Announcements New Sermon Series: This Spring, we will walk through the book of John. In it we’ll see that Jesus came to begin his new creation in us. As we’re encouraged

Follow a New Love This is Easter Sunday! We praise God for the opportunity to celebrate the event that gives life to the church and hope to all the world. We are celebrating Christ’s victory over death through his resurrection. This weekend, as we look at John 20:19-31, we are reflecting on the great love of the risen Christ, to include us in his work in the world. Our prayer is that through

Walk in Our New Victory This Sunday, we celebrate the One who came as Prince of Peace and was introduced to the world as a humble servant of God. We will sing, pray and reflect on John 12 together. We pray for this opening of Holy Week in anticipation of next weeks’ events, including Good Friday and Easter!  We hope you’ll join us in person on Sunday at 10:30am. If that’s not possible,

Seek New Sight This Sunday we will celebrate communion, sing, pray and hear from God’s Word. As we look at John 9, we will consider what it means to receive new sight. There is a lot happening around the world and in our own lives. We should consider how Jesus is the lens that makes it all clear.  So, please come, grow, and celebrate Christ as the revealer of Truth. General Announcements New Sermon Series:

Eating the New Meal This Sunday, we look forward to lifting high the name of the Lord in worship. He has initiated a new creation in Christ. He is creating a new humanity. And he is our new food. From John 6, we will focus on Christ as our true, eternal nourishment. He gives life daily, as we learn to partake of him by faith.  Join us this Sunday at 10:30, either in

Refreshed in the New Drink This Sunday, March 20th, we look forward to exalting Christ in prayer, song, and the Word. Today we recognize that God is offered freely only in Jesus, the well of living water. We invite you to come celebrate with us in person at 10:30 am in Lincolnshire, IL. You’ll find a spiritual home, made ready for you. General Announcements New Sermon Series: This Spring, we will walk through the book A Personal Guide to Prayer Pastor Casey Dwyer Remember Jesus’ guidance Prayer is not a performance for God, others, or us. Prayer is personal connection with God our Father Prayer is prioritizing God’s kingdom in our lives Reset your mind When you sit down to pray, ask yourself some questions. Respond to each answer with a short prayer as listed below: Why is my soul downcast? Lord have mercy Why is my heart heavy? Lord, have