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Refreshed in the New Drink This Sunday, March 20th, we look forward to exalting Christ in prayer, song, and the Word. Today we recognize that God is offered freely only in Jesus, the well of living water. We invite you to come celebrate with us in person at 10:30 am in Lincolnshire, IL. You’ll find a spiritual home, made ready for you. General Announcements New Sermon Series: This Spring, we will walk through the book A Personal Guide to Prayer Pastor Casey Dwyer Remember Jesus’ guidance Prayer is not a performance for God, others, or us. Prayer is personal connection with God our Father Prayer is prioritizing God’s kingdom in our lives Reset your mind When you sit down to pray, ask yourself some questions. Respond to each answer with a short prayer as listed below: Why is my soul downcast? Lord have mercy Why is my heart heavy? Lord, have

Receive a New Birth This Sunday, March 13th, we look forward to exalting Christ in prayer, song and the Word. As we lift him up, we will discover again the miracle of new birth as promised in John 3. This new birth is the beginning of our preparation for the New Creation and New Kingdom Jesus came to give.  We invite you to come celebrate with us in person at 10:30 am in   TIPS ON FASTING by Pastor Jim Renke Caution:  If you have underlying health conditions such as pregnancy, anemia, behavioral disorders or other chronic health problems, you should never fast without consulting a physician first. Preparation before the Fast: What are the limits you’ll place on yourself?  Some cannot do a complete food fast for a variety of reasons and will instead decide to modify their diet for the day.  That’s okay. Choose your schedule. The

Anticipate a New Beginning This Sunday is the first Sunday of Lent and the weeks of preparation for Passion Week and Easter.  Along with our time at the Lord’s Table, we will worship, pray and spend time in his Word.  Our message begins a series titled, Believe and Discover, a study in John.  From John 1, we’ll see that Christ’s coming was the beginning of a new epoch – a new age –

Worshiping God by Believing His Promises The wilderness can wear out our faith.  It can also shrink our faith by diminishing God. This morning we are going to look at Israel’s experience in Numbers 13 & 14. They decided not to enter the promised land for a variety of reasons. Through this, we’ll discover who to grow in our trust of Christ, so we will faithfully follow him with great hope. We worship at

Remember This week we will worship our faithful Lord, who invites us into a life of remembering. The wilderness is a dangerous place and we need to remember God’s faithfulness through the Word of God and our stories of God’s deliverance. Pastor Jim will be preaching from Numbers 9.  We look forward to seeing you and if you’re not able to make it, please connect with us online! General Announcements New Series on Worship During

Create Space If you’re like most of us trying to survive life you’ve experienced a cluttered life that has squeezed out God’s presence and activity. This Sunday, we’re going to learn from the Israelites in Exodus 40 how to create space for God. When we do that, we can enjoy the blessings of his presence. We hope to see you in person to pray, sing, and grow together at 10:30am.  If attending isn’t

Give More This Sunday, we will gather to worship the Lord who has generously given us his blessings, so we can be generous with him and others.  Our Associate Pastor Casey Dwyer, will be sharing God's Word.  We'll be worshiping in song, prayer and sharing the bread and cup together.  If you can’t attend in person, join us online at 10:30am. General Announcements New Series on Worship During Hour in the Word - Join Don

Know Him We look forward to worshiping this Sunday morning, as God’s people.  We come dependent upon his grace to find strength and courage for the journey we’re on.  We will sing, pray and hear a children’s message.  Our time in the Word will focus on Exodus 33.  It’s a passage of seeking renewal after a bad fall. If you’ve ever disappointed God and wonder how to move forward, come hear the Word