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The Enduring Gospel for All Seasons This Sunday, we anticipate coming together in God’s presence to worship him. We will celebrate all he’s given us in Christ. Pastor Jim’s message is finishing his series from Colossians 1. The text for today is Colossians 1:28-29 and it calls us to join in the mission of proclaiming Christ and his gospel in our world. Our prayer is that the Lord will empower us for such

The Enduring Gospel and Our Sacrifice This Sunday, we’ll be celebrating communion.  Around the table, the gift of God’s grace in Jesus becomes tangible and memorable.  The message, by Pastor Jim Renke is from Colossians 1:24-27.  It’s a message that reminds us of the hope we have in Christ and the cost of bringing that hope to others.  Jesus did it through sacrifice and he invites us to participate with him in his

The Gospel of Reconciliation Join us as we see how the enduring gospel offers hope to all things through Jesus’ work on the cross. In this service, we continue our sermon series “A New Season and an Enduring Gospel,” with Pastor Casey preaching from Colossians 1:19-23 on how Jesus’ offers us the only path of reconciliation with God. This reality defines what we believe, who we are, and how we operate as God’s

The Enduring Confession: "Jesus Christ is Lord" This Sunday, we're sharing from Colossians 1:15-18. It's the third sermon in the series, "New Season, Enduring Gospel". We’ve covered that the gospel bears fruit.  And last week, we shared the goal of the gospel is transformed lives.  This week, we will discover that at the core of the gospel is the confession of Christ as Lord. There is no hope, nor no salvation without it.

The Gospel that Transforms Lives This morning we'll spend time reflecting on the Gospel's impact on our lives.  We worship a God who has called us and empowered us for a transformed life.  In song, in prayers of confession, and in hearing His Word, we'll be led to consider the changes He desires in us.  In Colossians 1:9-14, the Apostle Paul prays for changed lives for God's people.  He directs us to hold

Celebrating a Fruitful Gospel This morning, we will celebrate the God who has called us by his grace to be his people.  We will sing, pray and listen to God's Word together, giving thanks for the fruitfulness of the gospel in our midst.  The message, from the new pastor Jim Renke, is from Colossians 1:3-8.  It will encourage us to give thanks for what God has done in us and long for more! General

Installation Service for Pastor Jim Renke The Good Shepherd is faithful to send under-shepherds to love, feed, and care for His flock. Today, we celebrate God’s faithfulness as we install Jim Renke as our church’s new Senior Pastor. We’ll sing, pray, hear from Scripture, commission Jim, and celebrate the Lord’s Supper. Our outgoing interim pastor, Kenny, will preach a sermon from John 21:15-19 titled, “Passing the Crook." General Announcements New Series in Hour in the

The Path and the Promise The path between promise and fulfillment is rarely straightforward. When the world threatens to knock us off course, how will we respond in faith? In this service, we're praising the God who is faithful to keep His promises and praying that He would sustain us as we await their fulfillment. Pastor Kenny will preach a sermon from Acts 25:1-12 titled, “Principles for the Path."   General Announcements Hour in the Word

What Will You Decide? There is no shortage of evidence for the truth, goodness, and beauty of the Gospel. Yet, so many don’t believe. Even for those who do, we are constantly forced to weigh the evidence between the true witness of Scripture and the false witnesses put forward by our world. What will we choose? Today, Pastor Kenny will be preaching a sermon from Acts 24:1-27 in which we consider what happens

Following Christ in Every Nation Join us as we worship the Triune God in spirit and truth this Sunday morning, focusing in on our call to worship and follow Jesus in every nation we find ourselves in. Worship with us in Scripture, song, and sermon as Jim Stamoolis preaches from Romans 13 on "The Christian Citizen." General Announcements Hour in the Word will resume on July 11- Jim Stamoolis and Pastor Casey will be leading