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Be True This Sunday we will worship our Lord Jesus through song, prayer and Scripture. Our hope is to find strength for the journey in his presence. The message is from Exodus 32. Some of you may know the golden calf story. But do you know the specific dangers we face in creating our own idols? And do you know more than ever, God wants you to know the joy of staying true

Prepare Yourself to Know God Differently This Sunday we lift up our worship to our God who is very different from us. He alone is deserving of our praise and our devotion. As we look at Exodus 19, we see that God shows himself to be very different from we mere mortals. And our only way of knowing him as he is, is to set apart our lives in humility and obedience. Our

Facing Enemies This Sunday, we are going to come together to worship and depend on the Lord together as his people. As we sing, pray and fellowship, we will do so with the awareness that God is at work in our world and sometimes we face enemies that try to keep his work from moving forward. How can we face those enemies with God, rather than on our own? We invite you to

Listen, Do, Learn This Sunday we will begin our new series through Exodus and Numbers, “Firm Footing.”  This series of messages will help us walk toward a future with Him in the land of promise. We can avoid some of the dangers if we learn to walk securely in him.  This Sunday, we’ll be looking at God’s manna test in Exodus 16.  The sermon title is Listen, Do, Learn.”  We hope you can

Growing a Life of Praise This Sunday we’ll be worshiping the God who came and is worthy of our praise.  Through song, Scripture, prayer and preaching, we’ll be directing our hearts toward him.  Do you wonder what goes into a life of praise?  In the message, we’ll be looking at Psalm 30 and considering how to grow a life of praise in the new year.  We’d love to see you in person at

Preparing Our Hearts for His Coming We are finishing up our Advent series today in reflecting on our response to Christ’s coming.  We’ve seen him as The Righteous One. We’ve heard about him being The Mighty One.  Last week we reflected on Him being The Merciful One.  But what do we do with all that?  How do we ready ourselves for his coming?  We’ll be hearing from Luke 3:7-18 and John the Baptist. 

He's Coming as the Merciful One This season, we’ve seen that God is The Righteous One and He is The Mighty One.  On this third Sunday of Advent, we will remember again that God is the Merciful One.  And our Messiah, Jesus Christ, comes in mercy for those in great need.  Jane Niederbrach and the Village Voices choir will lead us into the presence of our merciful God, so we can experience the

He's Coming as the Mighty One This Sunday, we are looking forward to the second Sunday of Advent.  Advent is a time of anticipation.  We anticipate the fulfillment of all our needs and desires being fulfilled in the coming and the coming again, of Jesus Christ.  This week, we are reflecting on him coming as The Mighty God.  In our world, might and power are often misused to coerce and control.  God uses

The Coming of the Righteous One This Sunday, we begin our series for Advent anticipating the coming of Jesus. We start this Sunday with the promise that Jesus will be the Righteous One who will come and bring rightness back to God's world. Pastor Casey will be preaching from Jeremiah 33:10-16, 23-26. If you have prayer needs, or questions please contact Pastor Jim at General Announcements First Hour: There will be no 9:00 a.m. classes

A Wise Thanksgiving This Sunday morning, we are going to set our hearts on giving thanks.  On this Sunday before Thanksgiving, we’ll worship a generous God who offers us a way back again and again, through song, prayer, Scripture and the preaching of the Word.  Pastor Jim’s message is from Psalm 107.  This is a passage that recounts the saving love of God no matter where we find ourselves, or how we got