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8.1.21 with lyrics An Audience Before the Throne of God This is an exciting weekend at VCL! Our pastoral candidate, Jim Renke, along with his wife, Kris, is here to meet the congregation and get to know our church. Jim will be preaching a sermon titled “Prayer, from Burden to Blessing” from Luke 11:5-13. Please see our bulletin (digital or otherwise) for opportunities to meet Jim and Kris, as well as info on next

8.1.21 with lyrics In His Light, We See Light The God of Light has saved us and brought us into His radiant kingdom. This Sunday, we’ll bask in His light through praise and worship. Then, Pastor Kenny will preach a sermon on Acts 25:23-26:32 about how we’ve been commissioned to carry the light of God’s love off into every corner of our darkened world. General Announcements First, Prayer: Prayer together is a vital part of

A Real Gospel for the Real World What is life actually about? Who gets to define reality? Join us as we worship a God who lives and speaks truth into the real world. As we worship God together we'll see that the reality of Jesus demands our response. Pastor Casey will be preaching from Acts 25:13-22 about how passages in the Bible record real history, and how each verse calls us to recognize

The Path and the Promise The path between promise and fulfillment is rarely straightforward. When the world threatens to knock us off course, how will we respond in faith? In this service, we're praising the God who is faithful to keep His promises and praying that He would sustain us as we await their fulfillment. Pastor Kenny will preach a sermon from Acts 25:1-12 titled, “Principles for the Path."   General Announcements Hour in the Word

What Will You Decide? There is no shortage of evidence for the truth, goodness, and beauty of the Gospel. Yet, so many don’t believe. Even for those who do, we are constantly forced to weigh the evidence between the true witness of Scripture and the false witnesses put forward by our world. What will we choose? Today, Pastor Kenny will be preaching a sermon from Acts 24:1-27 in which we consider what happens

Following Christ in Every Nation Join us as we worship the Triune God in spirit and truth this Sunday morning, focusing in on our call to worship and follow Jesus in every nation we find ourselves in. Worship with us in Scripture, song, and sermon as Jim Stamoolis preaches from Romans 13 on "The Christian Citizen." General Announcements Hour in the Word will resume on July 11- Jim Stamoolis and Pastor Casey will be leading

A Quiet Faithfulness Today we worship a God who calls each of us, not to greatness, but to a quiet faithfulness in our everyday lives. In this calling we'll see a freedom and a joy that the world lacks in its constant pursuit of celebrity and success. Join us in worship through song and sermon, with Pastor Casey preaching on Acts 23:12-24 about a nameless nephew who is used by God simply by

The Truth We Seek Let us worship together in Spirit and truth, knowing that the One who is Faithful and True has entered into the world to lead us back into His glorious presence. We'll be singing God's praises, reading and hearing from the Word, and praying together. Pastor Kenny will preach a sermon from Acts 22:30-23:11 titled "The Truth of the Matter." General Announcements Hour in the Word - Jim Stamoolis and Pastor Casey

This has been a rough year. Even now with things reopening we feel the weight of a thousand strange, unique, and  painful experiences over the last several months taking their toll. We are not the same people we were in February 2020. Like the Israelites on the banks of the Jordan, we find ourselves wilderness-weary, confused, and afraid to hope. Now is the time to think hard about what we want our lives

Homecoming This Sunday, we’re celebrating the end of (most) COVID restrictions and the beginning of life as a regathered church. In this service, we’ll be sharing stories about the Lord’s faithfulness, singing His praises, and hearing from Scripture about the past, present, and future homecoming of God’s people.  General Announcements Hour in the Word kicks off this Sunday! First hour activities are all geared toward equipping you to grow in Christ. This week Emmanuel Gatete,