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The Enduring Confession: "Jesus Christ is Lord" This Sunday, we're sharing from Colossians 1:15-18. It's the third sermon in the series, "New Season, Enduring Gospel". We’ve covered that the gospel bears fruit.  And last week, we shared the goal of the gospel is transformed lives.  This week, we will discover that at the core of the gospel is the confession of Christ as Lord. There is no hope, nor no salvation without it.

The Gospel that Transforms Lives This morning we'll spend time reflecting on the Gospel's impact on our lives.  We worship a God who has called us and empowered us for a transformed life.  In song, in prayers of confession, and in hearing His Word, we'll be led to consider the changes He desires in us.  In Colossians 1:9-14, the Apostle Paul prays for changed lives for God's people.  He directs us to hold

Celebrating a Fruitful Gospel This morning, we will celebrate the God who has called us by his grace to be his people.  We will sing, pray and listen to God's Word together, giving thanks for the fruitfulness of the gospel in our midst.  The message, from the new pastor Jim Renke, is from Colossians 1:3-8.  It will encourage us to give thanks for what God has done in us and long for more! General

Installation Service for Pastor Jim Renke The Good Shepherd is faithful to send under-shepherds to love, feed, and care for His flock. Today, we celebrate God’s faithfulness as we install Jim Renke as our church’s new Senior Pastor. We’ll sing, pray, hear from Scripture, commission Jim, and celebrate the Lord’s Supper. Our outgoing interim pastor, Kenny, will preach a sermon from John 21:15-19 titled, “Passing the Crook." General Announcements New Series in Hour in the

9.26.21 with lyrics United, We Stand in Christ Through Christ, we’ve been brought into a new family. If we are united in Him, then nothing can stop us. Join our church for worship this Sunday morning as we sing to the God who’s saved us, listen to the Word He gave us, and pray that He would continue to bind us together and empower us for life in His world. Pastor Kenny will

Join the Family When God saves us, He brings us into a family. Church is about more than getting our needs met; it’s about drawing near to God’s presence together as we grow up in Christ. Join us as we come together to pray, sing, and hear from God’s Word. Pastor Kenny will preach a sermon from Eph 2:11-22 titled, “No Longer Strangers and Aliens." General Announcements Hour in the Word - Jim Stamoolis and Pastor Casey

Together in God's Presence Do you ever wonder why you feel so alone? Come draw near to a God who loves you this Sunday as we talk about what it means that Jesus has opened God's presence to us. Worship with us as we bask in God's presence together in fellowship, song and a sermon from Hebrews 10:19-25. General Announcements Hour in the Word - Jim Stamoolis and Pastor Casey are leading a series entitled

To the End of the Earth Today, our journey through Acts comes to an end, but that doesn't mean the story is over. Join us as we consider our place in God's great plan to rescue men, women, and children from every tongue, tribe, nation, and people group. Pastor Kenny will preach a sermon from Acts 28 titled, "The End of the Beginning." General Announcements Hour in the Word - Jim Stamoolis and Pastor Casey

Come On In God calls His people to open up their homes to the weak and weary, but He also calls us to allow others to open up their homes to us. In the giving and receiving of hospitality, we create a space for God to show up in power. This week, Pastor Kenny is preaching a sermon titled "Unusual Kindness" on Acts 28:1-10—a passage where we see God's healing power show up

Stormy Sea, Christ Your Anchor The Apostle Paul knew about danger, but his experience recorded in Acts 27 was like nothing he'd faced before. As we face our own stormy seas, we can look to Paul's Christward confidence and have a courage the world can never fathom. Join us as we worship with a sermon from Matthew Tsado. General Announcements Hour in the Word - Jim Stamoolis and Pastor Casey will be leading a series