Life Has Come Join us for this first Sunday after Christmas as we praise the God who makes us alive in Christ. Pastor Kenny will be preaching a sermon from Col 3:1-4 about the life we have with Christ. General Announcements Year-End Giving: For any gifts to be credited in 2020, they must be received by December 31, 2020 or postmarked no later than December 31, 2020. The last day that the church office will

Gripped By His Love On this fourth Sunday of Advent, we relish in the love that Jesus has for us, a love that defines, invigorates, and comforts us in every season. Join us in song and sermon, as Pastor Casey will be preaching from 2 Corinthians 5:14-15 and we will rejoice to be meeting in person together again. General Announcements Parables Sunday School concludes this Sunday - Join us from 9:15-10am online as we go

Joy Has Dawned Upon the World On this third Sunday of Advent, we reflect on the joy we have in the Savior who came not only to die for us but to live for us, as well. Pastor Kenny will be preaching a sermon from Phil 2:5-11 that focuses on the obedience of Christ—how it brings us life and enables us to live wholeheartedly for God. General Announcements A Pearl of Great Price—Parables of the

Pleased as Man With Men to Dwell On this Second Sunday of Advent, we continue to prepare our hearts to celebrate the coming of God in the flesh. The glory of the Incarnation is that the true God became true Man. Join us today as we sing our praises to the God who sent His only begotten Son to identify with humanity in every way and to suffer for our sake. Pastor Kenny

The Light of the World This Sunday we begin our series on the person and work of Christ for Advent. Today we look to Jesus' famous words "I am the light of the world" in John 8:12-20 to find hope in even the darkest times. General Announcements No Sunday School 11/29 or 12/6: The Sunday school series "The Parables of Jesus" will resume on 12/13.  Bi-Weekly Virtual Prayer Gathering:  This Tuesday night (12/1) at 7:30 PM, we’ll

We Give Thanks Today, we’re thanking God for His marvelous works, especially the way in which He binds us together as a family—even when family members squabble. One of our elders, Bryan Just, will be preaching a sermon from Acts 15 about how God works in and through conflicts in the family. General Announcements The Parables Sunday School Goes Online starting 11/22 - The parables Sunday School will be meeting only online at 9:30-10:15 AM.

The Grace to Endure Today, we’re worshipping the God who meets us in every affliction and uses His church to give us the strength to persevere. Pastor Kenny will be preaching a sermon from Acts 14:19-28 that deals with the trials every Christian faces and the people God appoints to help them press forward. General Announcements A Pearl of Great Price—Parables of the Kingdom Sunday School Class Starts 11/15 - Join Pastor Casey for four

An Audience With the King of Kings At the end of a tumultuous week in America, we gather together to remind ourselves that our ultimate citizenship is in Heaven. Our heavenly King sits upon His throne, ordering the affairs of this world according to His own perfect wisdom, goodness, and righteousness. Pastor Kenny will be preaching a sermon from 1 Tim 2:1-7 about how God calls us to pray for our leaders so

The One We Desire This Sunday, looking to Acts 14:8-18, we take some time to focus in on the beauty, glory, and wonder of God, resting in and rejoicing in his love for us. Behind all our loves, He stands as the one we truly desire, and our hearts truly find rest only in him. General Announcements Two Sundays of Prayer: For the next two weeks (11/1, 11/8) during our Sunday School hour, we will be

Jesus Leads Us Into the World Today, we lift our voices in praise to the wonderful Savior who goes before us into the world and calls us to follow Him in His mission to seek and to save the lost. Pastor Kenny will be preaching a sermon on Acts 14:1-7 titled "How to Act When People Won't Share Your Faith." General Announcements Our Sunday School series, “The Story of God and Us: The Whole Bible