Our Mission

The Village Church of Lincolnshire exists to show the grace and truth of God in Christ Jesus by being and making disciples of Christ. To that end, we will focus our energies on worship, prayer, biblical instruction, local and global evangelism and loving fellowship. In short: Our goal is to be and to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our Core Values

  • Our Statement of Faith, rooted in Scripture, sets our church’s agenda for both personal and congregational life. 
  • We live to honor the Lord. We are dependent on the Triune God and the Bible he has given us. We will build our lives together, through him, as the body of Christ, the earthly home of God’s people, and his priestly agents of grace in the world.
  • While the Bible uses several metaphors to describe the church, Village Church especially identifies with the church as home. Thus, we strive to foster a home-like environment where young and old Christians grow relationally into maturity and fruitfulness. To that end…
    • We foster a strong sense of identity as God’s family—brothers and sisters, and children of the heavenly Father, who are homesick for heaven.
    • We celebrate our different generations and cultures as a family strength. We embrace the diversity in our congregation and show our respect for one another in the ways we approach worship, leadership and fellowship.
    • The church is the first home for believers, single or married, children and adults. We orient all our households to their home in the church.
    • Each person matters. We learn names. We pray for people personally, talk to people personally, and think of our church in terms of unique individuals around whom we build our ministries.
    • We are sensitive to matters of nurture and spiritual safety.
    • The church together, as God’s holy and grace-giving family, preaches the gospel. Our commitment to evangelism and compassion grow out of our life together, and in turn, draws unbelievers into our life together. Thus, we emphasize personal, sacrificial, loving relationships with the one another in our church family as the way we position ourselves for outreach.
  • We want to be a healthy family of God—holy, loving, servant-hearted, where each and all of us are eager to shine the light of Christ into darkened hearts and places. We are committed to being a church who eagerly integrates believers seeking a church home and who are active and invested in “making disciples.” Therefore…
    • We will be a church family that seeks not only to be friendly but to make friends, as a family makes room at the dinner table.
    • We believe VCL is just the place for spiritual orphans and outcasts.
    • We seek to persuade people to trust Christ for salvation so we are committed to two key strategies: 1) Individually, we will be “lighthouses” for the gospel where we live, work or play through “prayer, care, share” practices; and 2) as a church, we will pursue ministries of compassionate outreach, recognizing with Jesus that people are “harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd” (Matt. 9:35-38).
    • We cooperate with other evangelical believers beyond our church in building Christ’s Kingdom.
  • We think of “making disciples” in terms of the care of souls, and we will focus all our inward efforts to that end. 
    • Each individual believer must take responsibility for his or her own walk with Christ, in league with other believers in the congregation.
    • As our shared “family responsibilities,” we expect each believer, in dependency on the Lord, to participate in (1) corporate worship and biblical instruction, (2) small groups for fellowship, accountability, and prayer, (3) Christian service, and (4) relationships with unbelievers.
    • We expect one another to be committed to this congregation and we encourage membership. We expect our people to pray, to love one another, and to give sacrificially.
  • We build our worship services and ministries around the people God brings to us and the ministry burdens that arise from within our body. We like to say that we will paint with the colors God gives us. We will let some ministries go when committed and gifted leaders are no longer available.
  • Village Church is often home to believers in transitions related to education and jobs. We value the healing of those who come to us wounded and the training future leaders for ongoing ministry. We love to put our fingerprints on those who pass through our congregation as our means of extending the influence of our church. Because God has entrusted us with students from Trinity International University, we are committed to being a Mentoring Church in order to do our part in shaping the Christian leaders of the future.
  • Recognizing our own sin and foolishness, we will seek the love, correction, admonition, wisdom, resources, and protection we need from God through corporate and individual prayer.
  • Our elders—overseers of God’s flock—will be sure our various ministries are prayerfully and regularly evaluated.