Know Him We look forward to worshiping this Sunday morning, as God’s people.  We come dependent upon his grace to find strength and courage for the journey we’re on.  We will sing, pray and hear a children’s message.  Our time in the Word will focus on Exodus 33.  It’s a passage of seeking renewal after a bad fall. If you’ve ever disappointed God and wonder how to move forward, come hear the Word

Be True This Sunday we will worship our Lord Jesus through song, prayer and Scripture. Our hope is to find strength for the journey in his presence. The message is from Exodus 32. Some of you may know the golden calf story. But do you know the specific dangers we face in creating our own idols? And do you know more than ever, God wants you to know the joy of staying true

Prepare Yourself to Know God Differently This Sunday we lift up our worship to our God who is very different from us. He alone is deserving of our praise and our devotion. As we look at Exodus 19, we see that God shows himself to be very different from we mere mortals. And our only way of knowing him as he is, is to set apart our lives in humility and obedience. Our

Facing Enemies This Sunday, we are going to come together to worship and depend on the Lord together as his people. As we sing, pray and fellowship, we will do so with the awareness that God is at work in our world and sometimes we face enemies that try to keep his work from moving forward. How can we face those enemies with God, rather than on our own? We invite you to