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Read to Rescue is a summer project for all of us at VCL. It’s designed for kids and teens to read books and for adults to pledge and sponsor them. It is a giving campaign to support the ministry of She Is Safe and goes from June 1 to July 20.

Read to Rescue is designed specifically to engage children and teens, on an appropriate level, so they can learn about the issues of suffering kids and adults around the world and can do something to be an active part of the solutions. It is one of the official fundraisers for She Is Safe and our community-based SIS Chicago Advocacy Group.

This VCL program will be a collective fundraiser, with kids and teens joining to read as many books as possible and with adults and families combining their pledged sponsorship for all the books read. None of the kids or youth will ask VCL adults to sponsor them personally, but they can invite their families, relatives and friends outside of VCL to join our sponsorship program.

So kids and teens, please join Read to Rescue. Sign up at the Information Center and start reading. Ask your family, relatives, and friends to sponsor your reading to join the other VCL sponsors. You can choose any books you want to read or follow a suggested reading list. You can even get credit for each book of the Bible you and your family read during our all-church New Testament Reading Campaign. Younger kids can join, too. Three picture books that are read with the help of an adult or older sibling will equal one chapter book read by older kids. But wait! There’s more. Prizes will also be awarded to the kids and teens who read the most books in their age categories!

VCL Adults and families, please be a sponsor and make a monetary pledge for Read to Rescue. See the chart below to choose the size of your pledge. We have more than 50 kids that may join the reading challenge, but there will only be a maximum of 200 books for you to sponsor. At the end of the Read to Rescue program on July 20, you will pay your pledge by check, written to She Is Safe, or by giving it in cash. VCL will combine all the cash and issue one VCL check to She Is Safe. (Note: She Is Safe is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit and will send you a tax deductible receipt as a charity donation, but a pledge paid in cash cannot receive a deductible receipt.)

Please choose the pledge level you want to give at as a collective sponsor and sign up at the Information Center:

10 cents per book = maximum of $20 donation

25 cents per book = maximum of $50 donation

50 cents per book = maximum of $100 donation

$1.00 per book = maximum of $200 donation

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