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As we planned our preaching for July and August we wanted to tie into the weekly reading we will all be doing through the New Testament. Pastor Michael helped me select a text for each Sunday, drawn from that week’s reading, which highlights a key doctrine of our faith. We will study, for example, how Jesus fulfills the Old Testament promises, how the Holy Spirit gives us life, Christ’s atonement, and several others. (The first part of the series is listed on the Vine flap.) Sermons in both print and audio formats are available at

As always, our worship services will be developed around themes drawn from each week’s preach- ing texts. In addition, on some Sundays we will feature people telling us about their own Bibles and how they use them. We will have one Sunday featuring the ministry of the Gideons which Village Church has long supported. We’ll help everyone learn the books of the New Testament by heart. And we’ll hear testimonies of how reading the New Testament together is touching lives in our church.

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