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Our Board of Elders has recently lost two key members to moves—Andrew Seaman in March and Chris McNiven in June. In accordance with the Bylaws, the Elders have appointed Nels Flatebo to the board. He will stand for congregational approval at our November meeting.

When Nels became a member of VCL he wrote, “I was born in Norway and as a young boy moved with my parents to Madison, WI. I grew up in a loving home. Soon after Karen and I met I realized I needed to ask Jesus to be my Savior and Lord. I cannot imagine living life without Him. Karen and I are so blessed to call VCL our church home.” Nels has served in key church leadership roles elsewhere before coming to VCL. He is an Executive Coach and Facilitator at The Leaders Forum.

Another change in leadership has occurred on our Missions Ministry Team. Dave Hooper has led this team, but he and Libby are planning a move to Wisconsin in September so we began seeking a new chair. Barb Vietmeier, who has been serving on the committee, agreed to take over leadership. Others on the team are Kelvin Tohme, Connie Compton, Lynn Gabalec, and Jim Stamoolis (Elder representative).


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