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New to VCL? We want to get to know you and let you get to know us! You are cordially invited to our very first New Attender lunch on Oct. 28 at noon in the Great Room. We will be sharing lots of great information about what we mean when we say that we “paint with the colors God gives us” and some of the ways we work together to meet our goal to be and to make disciples of Christ here in the VCL family (otherwise known as discovering the “palate of possibilities”). Beginning in January, we will hold these lunches every two months on the second Sunday of the month. We think you will enjoy getting to know some of our leadership and eating together with other newcomers. We certainly will enjoy getting to know more about you. These lunches are designed for those who are new to VCL, but if you have been attending for some time and still have questions about who we are or how to get involved, please feel free to attend. Please RSVP on the Friendship Register.