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Our growth and solid giving prompted the elders to conclude that it is time to add a part-time pastoral staff member. We will soon present a more formal proposal of a position to the congregation for its approval

at the May 20 semi-annual meeting. We would see this position as being a shepherd-ing position aimed at discipleship, counsel-ing, and visitation. This person would also help us to reach out to the harassed and help-less around us through the shepherding gifts God has given us. We are particularly drawn to women’s ministries as an area where we could both strengthen believers within our church and to reach those beyond. A specific proposal will be brought to the church in early April.

We have also created a rather unusual volunteer position in response to a specific opportunity. Guy Viti has long had a fascinating per-sonal ministry to unbelievers, new believers, and troubled people. He seems to have an instinct for finding people many of us would never notice. In line with his seminary program in Counseling Minis-tries, Guy has asked if we could create an official position which would strengthen his credentials as he eventually pursues chaplaincy or some aspect of church ministry. We have agreed to create an unpaid position called Pastoral Ministry Assistant. Guy will commit to 10 hours per week and will be included in staff activities. His work will be under the supervision of the Senior Pastor. This same role will be available to others who are not in the M.Div. program at TEDS.

By: Lee Eclov