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We have an exciting children’s offering project involving PADS Crisis Services, Inc. for October and November . PADS is a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to providing emergency shelter, permanent housing, and supportive services to families with children and individuals who are experiencing homelessness in Lake County.

As you may know, VCL helps out PADS by making sandwiches once a month to be brought to the homeless shelter. The offering money that our children bring in every week will go toward the supplies needed to make 40 sack lunches. Children are encouraged to do extra chores or bring in their own money to contribute to our project. One sack lunch costs $3.00.

We’ve created a chart with 40 sandwiches on it to represent our goal. We call this our POP chart. Each time we have collected enough money to cover the cost of one sack lunch, one sandwich will be crossed out on our POP chart. We hope to cross off all the sandwiches by the end of November.

By: Jenny  Stanonik