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Every since the earliest days of the early church, small bands of Christians have gotten together to seek the Lord’s wisdom in his word, to gather for fellowship and encouragement. This is something we all need. Sunday morning is great; but we need small groups to get our own chance to talk about how things are going. God speaks to us on Sunday in worship. We speak to each other in our growth groups.

What are Growth Groups like? Most of our growth groups meet once a week or twice a month. Some have a meal. Others have tea. All have a time of prayer and in depth sharing about our lives, our joys, our hurts, and our longings. All have a time of learning and formation in Scripture. All are full of people caring for each other. They meet on different nights, in different places. Most of you are in a growth group, and you know the value of these special gatherings of special people. We’ve had a lot of new folks lately, and we invite you to be a part of these times. Trinity students, we invite you to especially take advantage of the wisdom these groups can provide. Give yourselves a chance to know older Christians who have walked ahead of you. Older participants, go out of your way to encourage new friends and students to walk alongside the others in your groups.

How do I sign-up? During the later part of the month of August, there will be group descriptions hanging up in the foyer, and a sign up table where you can join by writing down your name. We have at least one new group this fall, a growth group which will be hosted at Pastor Michael’s house. The groups meet on different evenings, so that there are options to fit our congregation’s very busy schedules. Many of our members tell us that Growth Groups are the best part of their fellowship with the Village Church. If you haven’t joined one, we encourage you to try one out. Surprise yourself; it may be the best decision you ever made at Village Church.

By: Pastor Michael Mauriello