Being a teenager isn’t easy in this world, with both its rich and wonderful possibilities as a creation of God, and its broken, fallen state as a result of human sin. Teenagers wrestle with both sides of this tension inside and outside of themselves, as they begin to discover, identify, and develop their personalities, abilities, and goals in their families, schools, and neighborhoods.

Teenagers are dependent on God and the Bible, just like their parents. And they, like their parents, need to be built into the church, the earthly home of God’s people. With the whole congregation, we want our teenagers to be a part of a healthy family of God-holy, loving, servant-hearted, where each and all of us are eager to shine the light of Christ into darkened hearts and places.

So, our youth group is also a place where we take the care of souls seriously.

  • We foster a strong sense of identity as God’s family.
  • We believe each person matters.
  • We are sensitive to matters of nurture and spiritual safety.
  • We will be a church that seeks not only to be friendly, but to make friends.

And our practices in youth group also reflect that our larger church family.

  • Shared worship and biblical instruction, built around the people God brings to us.
  • Small groups for fellowship, accountability, and prayer.
  • Opportunities for service as a youth group and with the larger congregation.
  • Relationships with unbelievers.

Currently, our youth group consists of both Middle School and High School students from several different schools. We meet on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30, and on Sunday mornings during the First Hour Connections at 9:15-10:15. We always have a time for games and hangout, a study rooted in Scripture, and prayer and worship.




Village Church is a congregation that welcomes and values children. Our adult and teen volunteers are committed to helping children come to know Jesus as their Savior and to grow in their walk with Him.

We offer a supervised play experience for children ages 0–2 at the 9:00 hour, along with classes for children ages 2–3, ages 4–5, and an elementary class that hosts 1st through 5th grade. We use Group Hands-on Curriculum for 2s and 3s, Discipleland for 4s and 5s, and a video and activity based curriculum, Superbook, with elementary children.

Our 10:30 Children’s Church teaches the same songs and Bible passages the adults are using in the main worship service. After being dismissed from the service, children age 4 through 3rd grade learn the worship songs and Bible passages at an age-appropriate level. Once a month, children ages 4 and up join us for the entire worship service. We think it is important for children to be a part of worshipping with the rest of the body of Christ.

Special Events

Mr. Wrinkles Parties

Mr. Wrinkles is a large, stuffed dog who serves as a “host” for parties for children age 4-5th grade. These are themed parties with games, decorations, food, and a story. We try to connect the theme with a Biblical passage or story as well. Past themes have included: Ancient Egypt, Around the World, Jesus’ Love, Paint and Water Games, New Life in Spring, Super Heroes, and many more!

Hearts for Kids 

Near Valentines’ Day and Ash Wednesday, we ask people in the congregation to volunteer to pray for, encourage, and bless one child in the congregation during the season of Lent.


Traditionally, children are involved in the worship services at Christmastime. They sing, play instruments, act, read scripture, and say prayers.