The Pattersons

Missionaries to Slovakia

Todd and Jana and their children, Max and Elizabeth

Todd says:

Todd and Jana Patterson are missionaries to Slovakia with ReachGlobal. Todd first arrived in Jana’s home country in February of 1992 and ever since our lives have been focused on serving the church there. We have been involved in a variety of ministries including youth work, women’s ministry, leadership training, church planting, evangelism, and theological education. We work with Jana’s home church, the Cirkev Bratská (member of the IFFEC).

Our Focus

Our ministry focus is theological education and evangelism.  We believe one of the important challenges facing the church in Europe today is solid evangelical theology for every person. After all, doing theology is not merely an academic pursuit, it is a foundational part of wisdom based living—the process of living out God’s word in everyday life. Also, since Europe as a whole is only 2% evangelical and Slovakia merely 0.2%, the need for a creative and active witness is great.  Europe is known as a hard place to be a missionary but most missionaries there will tell you that Europeans are receptive to the gospel when shared in the context of a caring relationship.

Our Ministry in Slovakia

We live in Banská Bystrica where Todd teaches at the Department of Evangelical Theology and Mission (DETM). He also hopes to engage in theological training through church based initiatives. Todd hopes to finish his dissertation at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School this fall.

Jana is currently getting started on a music and movement classes for children ages 0-5 and their caregivers. Since the goal of this program is not just music training but promoting healthy family relationships, this is an ideal program for building bridges in the community. In the past, Jana’s work in similar areas has led to some of our most fruitful evangelistic ministry. It’s possible that Jana could be involved in the ministry of a private Christian school in Banská Bystrica. This school has proven to be a valuable form of outreach. It was started and is run by her sister-in-law and brother, who is the Sr. Pastor of the Cirkev Bratská in Banská Bystrica.