Pastoral Graces: Reflections on the Care of Souls

About the Book

Pastor Lee Eclov has written his first book, Pastoral Graces. Through word pictures and stories, Pastor Lee seeks to equip readers to understand their calling, and reinvigorate pastors’ instincts for grace in the churches they shepherd in the midst of demands, expectations and difficult circumstances in which they minister.

The book was released on May 1, 2012. Order your copy online today.

Pastoral Graces was recently selected by Leadership Journal as the “Best of The Best” in their 2012 Leadership Book Awards, in the category, The Leader’s Inner Life.

In reference to Pastoral Graces, Author Mark Galli, says “Oh, my, a book on the pastorate that is about, well, pastoring, shepherding!  It’s a rare breed in our ambitious and managerial age.  But it’s a biblical breed who knows that the minister is, from first to last, a minister of God’s grace.”

Publisher’s Description

Grace is the credential that lets us park close to people’s hearts.

When Jesus Christ, the Lord of the church, calls a pastor He instills a kind of heightened instinct for grace; what we call a shepherd’s heart. However, pastors often become disoriented by leadership demands, congregational expectation, and the wounds of ministry. They forget how to use the grace of Christ in the everyday work of pastoring.

Through striking word pictures and stories that resonate with every pastor, this book will reinvigorate pastors’ instincts for doing grace in the churches they shepherd. Author and pastor, Lee Eclov equips the reader to understand their calling, their equipping, ministering in difficult circumstances and relationships, the mutual benefits for the congregation and the pastor, and how to finish well.

If you are training to be a pastor and wondering if you are called, a seasoned shepherd needing encouragement and affirmation, or simply someone who wants to encourage your pastor, you will appreciate the sage wisdom and confirmation poured out in the pages of Pastoral Graces.

Pastoral Graces is published through Moody Publishers.

The book is also available for all popular e-readers. KoboKindle, Nook