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Parents: Your Easter Resource Guide

He is risen!

This Easter promises to be one to remember. For many years, you’ll probably be saying to your kids, “remember when we couldn’t go to church on Easter because of coronavirus?” And they will.

But, during this strange passion week, I wanted to encourage you. Everything we are doing right now is a compromise, but that doesn’t mean it has to be fruitless. In this season of new responsibility, take a deep breath, have grace on yourself, and God will keep you sane.

To give you some direction, Emma Uren has put together a helpful list of Easter-themed crafts and lessons you can do with your kids. This would be good to look through after the kids have gone to bed, and maybe pick one or two to do on Easter Sunday. Remember: use this if it helps you. If it doesn’t help you, let it go the way of all blog posts. But know that God is with you, we are with you in spirit, and you can do this by his strength (Phil 4:13).

Easter Resources During COVID-19

By Emma uren

Easter Egg Hunt Alternatives

Easter egg Treats to make with your Kids

Family Easter Games

    1. Smash the egg against someone else’s egg
    2. In order to pick an egg to smash against someone else you must get a trivia question right

Easter Activities:

Easter Bible Sunday school Lessons for Sunday Morning

Easter Videos for Kids:

Easter Songs for Kids:


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