Growth Groups at Village Church

In our core values we describe “making disciples” in terms of “the care of souls.”  Caring for souls is a congregational effort, and one of the primary ways we care for souls is in our small groups, which gather for fellowship, accountability, and prayer. In our Village Church home, we call our small groups “Growth Groups.”

What happens in our Growth Group meetings?

  •  All of our Growth Groups enjoy a time of fellowship with one another. Some groups enjoy a meal together, others just a cup of coffee and light snacks. There’s always time to connect with friends and be present with one another.
  • There’s always a study of some sort. Some groups go through a book of the Bible, some read a classic Christian book by a famous author, and some talk about the most recent sermon.
  • And there is always a time of prayer – we listen to, give thanks with, and intercede for one another.

Growth Groups and our value of caring for souls link up beautifully with one another.

  • It’s in our Growth Groups that we can deeply foster a sense of identity as God’s family. 
  • Every person matters: in a Growth Group you have the ability to do life together, to pray personally for and with other people, to hear others’ stories, and have your story heard.
  • VCL is sensitive to matters of nurture and spiritual safety. Our Growth Groups are meant to be safe places to share intimately without fear of judgment and in an atmosphere of grace.
  • As a church, we seek love, correction, admonition, and wisdom from God through corporate and individual prayerYou will be prayed for every time your Growth Group meets.

Our Growth Groups generally meet between the months of September and May. Most groups take the summer off, but occasionally some do carry on during June, July, and August. They usually meet every other week or twice monthly, and some even meet weekly. They meet different days of the week and in different villages and towns throughout Lake and Cook Counties.

The communities in which we meet:

  • Lincolnshire
  • Deerfield
  • Mundelein
  • Kildeer
  • Hawthorn Woods
  • Gurnee


Still have a question about Growth Groups? Interested in joining one?