First Hour Connections – 9:15 AM

Learning and friendships for all ages

Come fellowship with us! Don’t forget to grab a morning cup of coffee!
We have two great connection options for our adults, as well as youth gatherings.

Greater Things Class

Studying the Bible can be hard, but this gathering on Sunday mornings tries to make it fun. We need the whole family of God to read Scripture together, and that’s what you’ll find happening in our morning session. There’s discussion, brainstorming, and working together to interpret the Bible together. The class is a mix of Trinity students, singles, parents with young families, older couples, and college professors. It’s a fun, multigenerational mix, which honors each person individually while also celebrating our different perspectives and cultures as a family strength.

We meet in the Great Room Sunday mornings at 9:15 a.m. The class is facilitated by Pastor Jamie Morrison, but don’t be surprised to meet guest teachers or to have a team of teachers go through a series together. The Greater Things Class is about collaboration and exploration, while having fun.

Abundant Life Class

“…I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”  John 10:10

The “Abundant Life” is a co-leader led group discussion class that has the goal of maturing
Disciples of Christ. Each week, the leaders present a topic, a reading from a chosen book or a Scripture passage on a point of theology or tenet of the faith and then facilitate a time of discussion among group members on their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, experiences, hopes and questions. Freedom is given for lively discussion in order for attenders to be challenged and grow. It is hoped that this discussion time would be “iron sharpening iron” and believers would grow deeper in their surrender to Christ and in their relationships with brothers and sisters in the body.

Middle School and Senior High

Our students gather in one class for a time of prayer, sharing, and devotional reading.  We use Sunday mornings for checking in personally with one another, and a serious Bible study or lesson happens on Wednesday evenings during Youth Group.


Village Church is a congregation that welcomes and values children. Our adult and teen volunteers are committed to helping children come to know Jesus as Savior and to grow in their walk with Him.

To learn more about childcare at Village Church, go here.