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Why We Glory in the Cross

One of my favorite writers, Eugene Peterson, noted how some New Testaments include the Psalms afterward. He suggests that maybe publishers ought to put the book of Ecclesiastes before the New Testament because it poses the questions that the New Testament answers. Now that we’ve finished our study in Ecclesiastes, we’re taking that advice as we open our Bibles on the Sunday mornings leading up to Easter. We’ll be studying seven different passages that open our eyes to some of the extraordinary things Jesus accomplished for us when he died on the cross.

As you can see from the schedule below we will look at the cleansing accomplished in Christ’s death, how he took on himself the curse, how he has formed us into a new race of immortals, how in his death he revealed the Father, and the great victories of Christ over sin, Satan and death, all leading to an Easter message from 1 Corinthians 15.



Date Passage Title Speaker Listen Download audio Manuscript
2/18/18 Eph 5:25-27 The Love of His Life  Lee Eclov  Listen  Download  View PDF
2/25/18  1 Peter 1:18-21  Precious Blood  Jamie Morrison  Listen  Download  N/A
3/4/18  Gal 3:10-14  Curses  Rob Bukowski  Listen  Download  N/A
3/11/18 Eph 2:11-22  One New Humanity  Lee Eclov  Listen  Download  View PDF
3/18/18  John 17:1-6; 25-26  Now You See Him  Lee Eclov  Listen  Download  View PDF
Palm Sun.
 Col 2:13-15  The Triumphal Departure  Lee Eclov
1 Cor 15:17-26 “From the Grave of the Innocent Adam Lee Eclov


Ecclesiastes: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Ecclesiastes is a confounding book right from the get-go: “Everything is meaningless.” The Hebrew word behind that also means smoke. “Everything is smoke.” What kind of thing is that for believers in the Lord to say?! Then for 12 chapters “The Teacher” casts doubt on just about everything most people look to for fulfillment and satisfaction.

I like what Eugene Peterson has written: “I often think of the Preacher as the garbage collector in the kingdom of God. He goes up and down our alleys and backyards, empties our wastebaskets and attics, and hauls off everything that has accumulated, under the supposition that we might need it someday but that it is, in fact, worthless. He gets rid of those things in life that may have been once good in themselves—we paid a lot for them on one whim or another—but actually divert us from a life of faith in God. Just as we clean our houses occasionally and get rid of what doesn’t contribute to good living, so we read the Preacher occasionally to houseclean our lives of the illusions and sentimentalisms that clutter our days as we follow Christ in faith.”


Date Passage Title Speaker Listen Download audio Manuscript
1/7/18 Eccl. 1-2  Smoke Gets in Your Eyes  Lee Eclov  Listen  Download  View PDF
1/14/18  Eccl. 3:1-22  Time Tested  Lee Eclov  Listen  Download  View PDF
1/21/18  Eccl. 4:1-12; 5:1-8  Don’t Go It Alone  Lee Eclov  Listen  Download  View PDF
1/28/18  Eccl. 7:1-29  Where Wisdom Hides

Dan North Testimony

 Lee Eclov

Dan North





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2/4/18  Eccl. 9:1-12  Make the Best of a Bad Situation  Lee Eclov  Listen  Download  View PDF
2/11/18  Eccl. 11:7-12:4  The Conclusion of the Matter  Lee Eclov  Listen  Download  View PDF