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Coronavirus and COVID-19 Resources

Thank you for visiting the Village Church of Lincolnshire. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our church’s doors are currently closed. Our leadership is closely monitoring the situation. We will re-open our church for corporate worship and community gatherings as soon as we receive the “all clear” from the CDC and/or appropriate government officials.

Below, you’ll find additional resources from our church for home worship, encouragement, and specific policies at VCL during this time.

COVID-19 Updates

Lake County Health Department COVID-19 Updates

CDC: Get Your Community- and Faith-Based Organizations Ready for Coronavirus Disease 2019 – Interim Guidance

Pastoral Letters

A Letter from Pastor Kenny and the Elders About COVID-19

Rest in the Midst of a Pandemic

Keeping Our Connection Strong

Why Giving Matters (and a Few Other Things)

Where to Put Your Anxiety

Have You Gotten Angry Yet?

Liturgies for Home Worship

Liturgy for Home Worship 3/15/20: Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

Liturgy for Home Worship 3/22/20: The Lord of All

Liturgy for Home Worship 3/29/20: Cut to the Heart

Liturgy for Home Worship Palm Sunday (4/5/20): The King Approaches

Liturgy for Home Worship Easter (4/12/20): Christ is Risen

Liturgy for Home Worship 4/19/20: God’s People Together

Liturgy for Home Worship 4/26/20: Jesus’ Healing Power

Liturgy for Home Worship 5/3/20: Why Do You Wonder at This?

Liturgy for Home Worship 5/10/20: No Other Name

Liturgy for Home Worship 5/17/20: Let Us Draw Near to God and One Another

Liturgy for Home Worship 5/24/20: Speaking Truth to Power

Liturgy for Home Worship 5/31/20: Let Us Pray

Guide for Home Worship 6/7/20: Common Good, Common Goods

Guide for Home Worship 6/14/20: The Integrity of the Church

Guide for Home Worship 6/21/20: Do Not Grow Weary

VCL Policies & Resources

Village Church of Lincolnshire Pandemic Preparedness Plan

Five Ways to Bless your Brothers and Sisters During COVID-19

Five Ways to Bless your Community During COVID-19

Disciple Your Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic

VCL’s Digital Daily Office

How to Contribute to God’s Work at the Village Church of Lincolnshire

Resources for Parents

How to Talk to Children About the Coronavirus

20 Screen-free things to do With Your Kids Indoors When School Is Closed

Simple and Fun Non-Screen Activities that Children Can do at Home

50 Plus Easy Indoor Activities for Kids

Scholastic Learn At Home Programs

The Bible Project: Online Videos on Bible Themes and Books

Kids Christian Music Spotify Playlist

Your Weekly Resource Guide (3/31/20)

Your Easter Resource Guide (4/7/20)

Your Weekly Resource Guide (4/17/20)

Your Weekly Resource Guide (4/25/20)

If you’re feeling scared or anxious over this outbreak, then please contact’ll be glad to talk and pray with you.