Christ Together


Our Mission

Helping the whole Church bring the whole Gospel to the whole city

The Whole Church

We believe that when God looks down from Heaven, he does not see many different churches throughout a city, but one Church, gathering in multiple locations.

Christ Together consists of churches from many different backgrounds and styles of worship, reflecting the full beauty and diversity of the Church. When the Church comes together, it exponentially increases its ability to spiritually impact its surrounding community.

The Whole Gospel

We live in a critical moment in history. The challenges we face as a society are complex and daunting. In our attempts to understand these issues, we often overlook the fact that many of them have a spiritual root. Because of this unique dynamic, Jesus alone is positioned to help us overcome these problems.

In Jesus, we find the answer to life’s greatest questions:

Who am I? What is the meaning of life? Is there a God? How should I live?

In Jesus, we discover the solution to the world’s greatest problems:
Poverty, war, the economy, crime, family breakdown, racism

In Jesus, we encounter the fulfillment of humanity’s greatest needs:
Will I have enough? Will I be safe? Will I be happy? Will I matter? Will I belong?

The Whole City

We embrace the idea that every single person matters to God. Regardless of race, ethnicity, education level, and socioeconomic status, everyone is of equal worth and importance to him. Our driving passion is to help as many as possible find their way back to God and experience true spiritual transformation.

The thought of reaching an entire city can seem overwhelming, but when the followers of Christ come together in any city, they are only a few relationships away from everyone else. Together, they can live out the Gospel in a compelling way and connect all who live there to the life that God has for them.

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