This is the fifth lesson in our series on Amos. To watch the livestream, click here. Introduction In the book of Revelation, we get a startling picture of the glorified Jesus. John, exiled on the Island of Patmos, hears someone behind him boom in a loud voice, “write what you see in a book and send it to the seven churches.” (Rev. 1:11). John turns around and this is what he sees: Then I turned

This is our fourth lesson in our series on Amos. To watch the livestream, click here. Introduction Christ, the prophets, and apostles of our Lord, went to heaven with the note of traitors, seditious men, and such as turned the world upside down: calumnies of treason to Cæsar were an ingredient in Christ's cup, and therefore the author is the more willing to drink of that cup that touched his lip, who is

This is the third in our series on Amos entitled "Let Justice Roll Down." To watch the livestream, click here.   Introduction   In the year 390, a massacre occurred in Thessalonica. After some riots caused the death of a general in the city, the emperor Theodosius lost his temper and ordered the entire city rounded up and murdered. Theodoret, an early church historian writing in around 430, described the event in vivid detail: The emperor

This is the second expanded guide to our series on Amos entitled Let Justice Roll Down. You can find the a recording of the live streamed study by clicking here. Introduction When the tornado sirens blared, we knew what was coming. I can remember over and over again throughout my childhood experiencing the piercing intensity of a tornado siren. Whether it was the monthly test, or the sickening, hollow sound in the midst of raging

This is the first expanded study guide for our Sunday School series on Amos, entitled Let Justice Roll Down. You can watch the recorded live stream of the study by clicking here. Introduction: Whose Justice Is It Anyway?   “No Justice, no Peace.” “Justice for George Floyd.” “Law and Order.” “Black Lives Matter.” “All Lives Matter.” Whenever you say these words, tempers start flaring. Our church is not immune. If you don’t believe me, just try talking to someone about it.