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Like John, "I have much to write you, but I do not want to do so with pen and ink" (3 John 13 ESV). Regardless, I have no choice but to use digital ink for now. In this week’s letter, I have a few important items to share about corporate worship, giving, community needs, and prayer. Meeting Together  It feels like ages since the elders announced the decision to close our doors as an

During the coronavirus outbreak, our church has decided to forego its usual corporate gathering and to worship as individuals, families, and in small groups. This liturgy is designed to help us do that. To learn more about why we're worshipping in this way, what a liturgy is, and how it works, click here. The liturgy is available for you to look at any time, but the sermon and last worship song won't

Especially in times of economic anxiety, it's crucial that we remember where our ultimate security lies. By giving sacrificially, we remind ourselves that God is the Provider of all we need. The act itself trains our bodies to entrust our material resources into the hands of our loving Father who gives us every good gift. Below, we've written out instructions to make giving online as smooth a process as possible. Step-By-Step Giving Instructions 1.

I have a confession to make: we were late to church yesterday morning. Sophie needed to eat, Cesar had a pile of blocks to deal with, and Ellie was… somewhere. We started off strong. The kids loved singing along with Jacob and they enjoyed the kids’ Bible story we threw in after the Old Testament reading. Once it came time for Papa to preach on the TV, of course, they were ready