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Do You Understand? Today, we're singing about God's grace and talking about how He brings people into our lives to help us understand and respond to the Good News. Pastor Kenny will be preaching from Acts 8:26-40. General Announcements Village Vine: The August issue of the Village Vine is now available. You will find articles written by our staff and others. You may access the Vine here. Ladies Thursday Bible Study: Attention all VCL ladies!  We’ll

This is the final expanded guide to our live streamed study of the book of Amos. To get to the livestream click here. Introduction Honored members of our legislature and State government. It is time to call the people of this State to deny themselves and love their neighbors. They will do it, if we lead. Vote to take down the flag, and replace it with a symbol that unites us all. And Mississippi can show

He's Got The Power Today, we're acknowledging God's power and worshipping Him in Spirit and Truth. The sermon text is Acts 8:9-25, and Pastor Kenny is preaching on the true nature of God's power at work in the world. General Announcements Amos Study This Sunday: Join us on Sunday mornings from 9 to 9:45 as we continue our live-streamed Bible study of the book of Amos, focusing primarily on issues of justice. Click here to

This is the expanded guide to our Sunday School series on the book of Amos. To watch the livestream, click here. Introduction: The Heavenly Vintner In the second chapter of his gospel, the apostle John records two seemingly unconnected scenes in Jesus’ life. The first of these is the famous “wedding at Cana,” when Jesus performs his first “sign” to manifest his glory to people, a big heads-up that he was the Messiah.