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Village Church of Lincolnshire

An Update from the Transition Team: 9/29/20

The following update comes from our Transition Team Chair, Kirsten Sittler:

This fall, the Transition Team is hard at work with an ambitious schedule. It was almost a year ago that we started on the process to Explore, Encounter, and Envision God’s work at Village Church of Lincolnshire (VCL). Our first few meetings were a bit frantic as we had the looming deadline of Lee’s departure.

During the Explore phase, we investigated and celebrated who VCL was, what God has brought us through, and what He has done among us. We revisited the history of our congregation good and bad. We also spent time celebrating Lee and Susan Eclov and their ministry. This time of celebration prepared them and us for our next steps.    

During the Encounter phase, which took place this past summer, we focused on who we are right now. We sought feedback from the congregation in a variety of ways. The Journey Wall event, individual interviews, the Church Health Assessment Tool survey, and our own individual experiences informed the encounter report that has been delivered to the elders (and will be delivered to the congregation in December). During this phase, everything about who we are and what we do has been heavily impacted by a global pandemic. While we sought to document God’s church here, we were changing. Drastic changes was forced on the world and us, stripping away many of the events and programs that we heard were so meaningful. This loss taught us much about what our church truly values most. In spite of all the COVID-related challenges present, we received valuable feedback from you regarding God’s church at VCL.

During the Envision phase, we are focusing on who we believe God wants us to become and what we need to do to live into that vision. As the Transition Team heads into this phase, we are collaborating closely with the elders. Topics we are discussing include the mission, values, and vision of our church. The Transition Team will make broad recommendations based on the feedback we’ve received, entrusting whatever specific decisions and revisions that may come about to the elders and, ultimately, the congregation. Our meeting schedule and workload has accelerated to keep us on track to finish before the end of the year. The target date of December 6 has been set to present our final report to the congregation at the annual Congregational Meeting. The final report will include information from all three phases: Explore, Encounter, and Envision. This schedule allows the search for a senior pastor to begin at the start of 2021. 

How can you help?  I’m so glad you asked. You can help us by: 

  • Speaking – We want your voice to be heard. If you have any feedback for the Transition Team, any question, concerns, or suggestions, please come and talk to one of us, or send us an email at
  • Praying – Please pray for us.  Pray that we would not grow weary. Pray that we would be unified.  Pray that Holy Spirit would guide and direct us. Pray for the health of our congregation and that all we do would please God.   
  • Attending- Please make plans to attend the Congregation Meeting on December 6. We’ll send out more details in the coming months about the meeting itself, but for now please go ahead and mark it on your calendar.  

May the Holy God who does not change fill you with His Peace.