Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean that your church is an Evangelical Free Church?

That is our parent denomination. Evangelical means that we have a commitment to orthodox Christian doctrine, especially the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ by faith, and the inerrancy and authority of the Bible. The word “Free” speaks to our form of church government. We are congregational, ‘free’ of a hierarchical authority structure. It goes back to Europe where a free church is ‘free’ from the state church of a particular country. You can read more about our denomination here, and our full Statement of Faith here

How many people come to Village Church?

Typically, over 200, and growing.

What communities does your congregation come from?

We draw people from pretty far in every direction—Gurnee and Lindenhurst to the north, Lake Forest, Highwood, Highland Park and Deerfield to the east, Vernon Hills, Buffalo Grove, Kildeer, Lake Zurich, Mundelein and others to the west, and Arlington Heights, Mt. Prospect, Wheeling and other communities to the south. We have a large contingent of undergrad and graduate students from Trinity International University, just a mile and a half away.

Are people at VCL generally from one age group?

No, we have an amazing range of ages, and we like it that way. We work at connecting with one another regardless of our age bracket. We do not target any particular stage of life with our worship or other programs.

How about people from other countries?

Village church has always had a fascinating international mix. There are probably ten or twelve nations besides the U.S. represented in our church at any one time. Some of this is due to international students at Trinity and some because of the cosmopolitan mix of our area.

We have a baby or young child. What kind of care do you provide?

Village Church is a congregation that welcomes and values children. All volunteer and paid staff are screened and are committed to helping children come to know Jesus as Savior and to grow in their walk with Him. Please refer to the children’s page for specific classes or child care.

When we first come in with our little children, what should we do?

Our ushers/greeters will direct you to the appropriate classroom for your child. VCL has two nurseries for infant -12 months and 12-14 months. A preschool class is for 2 and 3 year olds. Children age 4 through fifth grade sit with their parents or guardian during the worship service and are dismissed from there to go to their classes. Teachers will direct children as they leave the auditorium. Parents should pick up their children immediately after the service from their classrooms.  

If our child is in the nursery and we are needed, how will caregivers get in touch with us?

When you register your child each Sunday you will receive either a pager or you will leave your cell phone number to be notified if there is a need.

If I have questions about the children's ministry, who do I contact?

There is a Children’s Education Ministry Team that oversees all children’s programs for infants through grade 5. You may contact any of the members of this team: Melissa Younger (Chair), Tiala Chang, Pamela Hedges, and Jennie Stanonik. They meet once a month.

When was Village Church of Lincolnshire begun?

VCL began in the mid-70s when professors and students from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School nearby felt there was a need for an evangelical church in the Lincolnshire and Riverwoods community. The first building was erected in the early ‘80s and we did a major remodeling and expansion project in 2005.

How does someone get involved in Village Church?

One of the most important ways is to join a Growth Group—one of our home Bible study and prayer groups. Ask one of our pastors about that, or send us an email, and we’ll tell you what is available. If you’d like to find a place of service we’d love to talk to you about your interests, spiritual gifts and background. We’re pretty good at getting new people into meaningful Christian service quickly.

How can I meet people?

Again, joining a Growth Groups is one good way, but there are many others. Watch for church dinners and other fellowship times when you can sit across a table from someone for a leisurely conversation. Pick up a pictorial directory in the foyer or see it online (you’ll need to email us for a password). Come to a monthly prayer service or a work day, or get involved in one of our service opportunities. These are all great ways to get to know other people.

Any chance I could meet with the pastor?

Absolutely. Either of our pastors would be happy to get together with you or chat by phone. There’s a box you can check on the Friendship Register during the service or you can email us.