Welcome to Village Church of Lincolnshire!

 The church family in VCL is one that I have always dreamed of having. She is such a restful, healing, and loving place… I did not dare believe such a community existed, but now I do!” 

God has made our church our home. One thing we hear a lot from our guests is, “I felt like I had come home.” All our deepest values are anchored in being the home God wants his people to be. Perhaps our smaller size (around 200 on a Sunday) helps. Maybe our wooded property and warm cedar interior has something to do with it. But mostly it is the way we see each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. We learn newcomers’ names as soon as we can. A large majority of our people are in small groups together. We like the mix God has given us of all ages and several different ethnic backgrounds. We love having students from nearby Trinity International University, and we invest in being a mentoring church.

At Village Church one of our favorite lines is, “We paint with the colors God gives us.” We don’t market our church to a certain age group. Our worship services are as creative and diverse as our people. Depending on the Sunday, you might hear a worship band or a choral ensemble, thoughtful Scripture readings and finish-the-sentence congregational sharing. We seek to bring God’s grace to life in everything we do.

Village Church has a 40-year commitment to expository preaching. Each Sunday’s sermon is drawn directly from one biblical passage, bringing God’s timeless truth straight into the challenges of everyday living. You can listen or read recent sermons here.

We are an evangelical church, which means that we believe God gives us new and everlasting life through Jesus Christ, and that the Bible is God’s unerring Word.

We invite you to browse our website. If you’d like to chat with one of our pastors contact us and we’ll get back to you promptly and personally.


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