Painful Trials Through the sermon this week, Pastor Jim Renke will continue his series on The Way of Becoming.  Specifically, we’ll see how God engages us through the trials we face. From the story of Job, we will see God’s desire to make himself known and set us on a path of reorientation.  Let’s gather to worship around His table, through prayer, song and the Word. Let’s pray for him to lead us

  Disorientation - The Test We welcome you this Sunday as we worship the Lord together. Through song, prayer and the Word we will declare his praises and learn to lean into a greater obedience. In the message, Pastor Jim Renke will be preaching from Genesis 22, the test of Abraham. Often in the way of becoming, the Lord tests our faith so our life with him can go from being theoretical to real.

  Seasons of Orientation This morning, we worship the grace of God in giving us times of rest and hope. Let’s worship the Lord who is faithful through song, prayer and the Word. Pastor Jim Renke will lead us through Psalm 67 and we’ll thank God for new starts and new realizations of the journey ahead. General Announcements Trunk or Treat: we need YOU! Starting this Sunday, we have sign ups in the foyer to help

  The Invitation This Sunday, we will look at the invitations of Jesus to see that he has invited to walk on the road to becoming something special for his Kingdom.  He wants to equip us for the journey. As we begin this series, we will see how it is that God moves in our lives and calls us to a grand goal.  Let's gather to sing, pray, and worship our Lord through the

  Hope's Last Words This Sunday, we are finishing up our "Summer of Hope" series. From 1 Thessalonians 5:16-24, Pastor Jim Renke will share a way to live in and live toward the presence of Christ in our lives. We can include practices, depend on the Spirit, and desire transformation, all in anticipation of the new creation. General Announcements New Hour in the Word Class: How to Study the Bible - If you’ve ever wondered why some