Hope's Commitment This Sunday as we worship, our hope in Christ and his future will be bolstered and our commitment to His good news will find a new shape. Song, prayer and gathering around the Table will bring us together in His presence. Pastor Jim Renke will be sharing from 1 Thessalonians 2:1-6.  Our hope is that we will glorify God and that you will join us as we worship Him together. General Announcements New

  Hope Waits This Sunday we will celebrate the God who gives us a living hope in Jesus Christ. We will worship him in song, prayer and in the Word. As Pastor Jim preaches from 1 Thessalonians 1:4-10, we will see how the goal of our faith – our hope for the future – shapes how will live our faith today.  The question that we will reflect on is, “what are we waiting for?” 

  Hope Inspires This Sunday, we give God thanks for being the Father who gives us hope.  As we look at 1 Thessalonians 1:1-3, we will begin our summer series, “A Summer of Hope.”  This week we will discover the strength of being a people of hope.  Our hope rests squarely on the reality of Christ’s resurrection and it points us toward our own glorious future. Hope inspires us to keep on the paths

  Enjoying a New Fellowship This Sunday, we'll look at one of the most encouraging pictures of Scripture, disciples who enjoyed true fellowship with the risen Lord. It's hard to believe it's our last Sunday in the book of John for awhile. Come and we'll worship this God who wants us to know him and live with him. Pastor Jim will look at John 21:1-14 and we'll ponder the wonder of a New Fellowship

  Submit to the New Kingdom This Sunday, we will worship Jesus as the King of a new kingdom. Through song and prayer, we will yield to his Lordship as King.  Pastor Jim Renke will be sharing a message from John 18:28-40, when in front of Pilate, Jesus revealed the nature of his new kingdom. And we will prayerfully consider how we can live as part of that kingdom in our world, all while