The Coming of the Righteous One This Sunday, we begin our series for Advent anticipating the coming of Jesus. We start this Sunday with the promise that Jesus will be the Righteous One who will come and bring rightness back to God's world. Pastor Casey will be preaching from Jeremiah 33:10-16, 23-26. If you have prayer needs, or questions please contact Pastor Jim at General Announcements First Hour: There will be no 9:00 a.m. classes

A Wise Thanksgiving This Sunday morning, we are going to set our hearts on giving thanks.  On this Sunday before Thanksgiving, we’ll worship a generous God who offers us a way back again and again, through song, prayer, Scripture and the preaching of the Word.  Pastor Jim’s message is from Psalm 107.  This is a passage that recounts the saving love of God no matter where we find ourselves, or how we got

The Enduring Gospel for All Seasons This Sunday, we anticipate coming together in God’s presence to worship him. We will celebrate all he’s given us in Christ. Pastor Jim’s message is finishing his series from Colossians 1. The text for today is Colossians 1:28-29 and it calls us to join in the mission of proclaiming Christ and his gospel in our world. Our prayer is that the Lord will empower us for such

The Enduring Gospel and Our Sacrifice This Sunday, we’ll be celebrating communion.  Around the table, the gift of God’s grace in Jesus becomes tangible and memorable.  The message, by Pastor Jim Renke is from Colossians 1:24-27.  It’s a message that reminds us of the hope we have in Christ and the cost of bringing that hope to others.  Jesus did it through sacrifice and he invites us to participate with him in his