Come On In God calls His people to open up their homes to the weak and weary, but He also calls us to allow others to open up their homes to us. In the giving and receiving of hospitality, we create a space for God to show up in power. This week, Pastor Kenny is preaching a sermon titled "Unusual Kindness" on Acts 28:1-10—a passage where we see God's healing power show up

Stormy Sea, Christ Your Anchor The Apostle Paul knew about danger, but his experience recorded in Acts 27 was like nothing he'd faced before. As we face our own stormy seas, we can look to Paul's Christward confidence and have a courage the world can never fathom. Join us as we worship with a sermon from Matthew Tsado. General Announcements Hour in the Word - Jim Stamoolis and Pastor Casey will be leading a series

8.1.21 with lyrics Waiting on God For most of us, it’s much easier to work toward our goals than it is to wait for God to work through our circumstances. In today’s service, we’re inviting the Lord to enter into our waiting and do His marvelous work in all our hearts. Pastor Kenny will preach a sermon on Acts 27:1-12 titled, “Sometimes, You Just Have to Wait." General Announcements Congregational Meeting—Immediately after our worship service this

8.1.21 with lyrics An Audience Before the Throne of God This is an exciting weekend at VCL! Our pastoral candidate, Jim Renke, along with his wife, Kris, is here to meet the congregation and get to know our church. Jim will be preaching a sermon titled “Prayer, from Burden to Blessing” from Luke 11:5-13. Please see our bulletin (digital or otherwise) for opportunities to meet Jim and Kris, as well as info on next