Brothers and Sisters, As many of you already know, Governor Pritzker has recently ordered a new set of restrictions for Region 9 (McHenry and Lake Counties) intended to stem the uptick in our region’s case positivity rate. Though focused mainly on indoor dining, the Governor has also ordered that social gatherings be limited to 25 or fewer people. Right now, we’re gathering 70-75 people in our sanctuary each week with upwards of 15

The One We Desire This Sunday, looking to Acts 14:8-18, we take some time to focus in on the beauty, glory, and wonder of God, resting in and rejoicing in his love for us. Behind all our loves, He stands as the one we truly desire, and our hearts truly find rest only in him. General Announcements Two Sundays of Prayer: For the next two weeks (11/1, 11/8) during our Sunday School hour, we will be

Jesus Leads Us Into the World Today, we lift our voices in praise to the wonderful Savior who goes before us into the world and calls us to follow Him in His mission to seek and to save the lost. Pastor Kenny will be preaching a sermon on Acts 14:1-7 titled "How to Act When People Won't Share Your Faith." General Announcements Our Sunday School series, “The Story of God and Us: The Whole Bible

To watch the livestream from this Sunday school, click here.  To get the study guide for this lesson, click here. Chapter Eight: Shalom Regained When we left our story last time, the apostles had established a large, multi-ethnic community throughout the eastern Roman Empire, and thus the Church was born. These followers of Jesus had begun to be called “Christians,” that is, members of Christ’s household, and as time went on, they became more and

The Light of the World In this service, we're praising and praying to the God of light who uses His people to reflect His goodness for all to see. Pastor Kenny will be preaching from Acts 13:44-52 in a sermon titled "Is Your Vision Too Small?" General Announcements Our Sunday School series, “The Story of God and Us: The Whole Bible in Eight Weeks,” continues this Sunday morning from 9:30-10:15. There will be an in-person

To watch the livestream for this Sunday School, click here. Chapter Seven: From Darkness to Light (the Story of Jesus, Part II). We left our story with a scared group of disciples hiding from the authorities. Jesus had just been crucified, and the Passover had occurred. But these people were not feasting; they were terrified. Yet, a group of women, in reverence for their dead Messiah, headed to the tomb where he was buried