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After thinking about it a long time our Elders concluded that no word captures the heart of Village Church any better than home. Last year we rewrote our Core Values to reflect this. Recently we have been exploring ways we might visualize this identity in a new logo, our website, perhaps some redecorating of our foyer, and even the possibility of a garden along the bike path fronting our property. But the heart of our reason for this focus is found in the Bible. On Sunday mornings over the next two months we will look at passages of Scripture that shape our view of VCL as home. The series, titled, “CHURCHHOME: Why Our Church Is Our First Family,” began after Easter with two sermons on the moving story of the prodigal son and his elder brother. In the first sermon I said VCL’s approach to evangelism is this:

Found people make friends with lost people for Jesus’ sake. We are God’s agents of grace. When Jesus is with us and we’re with lost people, they tend to get homesick.”

Going forward we will talk about VCL as a refuge for “harassed and helpless” people and we will look at passages from Ephesians 4 and Galatians 6 that remind us of how our relation- ships within the church are to grow. On May 25 I will take you to meet a foreman working on Jerusalem’s walls under the leadership of Nehemiah. Hardhats may be required. Of course, no series on home would be complete without a Sunday to celebrate our hope of heaven. As our Elders discussed this series we liked the idea of studying passages on how Jesus changed the homes he visited so the final three sermons in the series do just that.

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