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Screenshot 2014-05-14 07.57.25Have you ever wanted to read through the whole New Testament? Have you ever read the Bible by yourself, and asked, “I wonder what other folks think about this passage? Why is this so confusing to me?” Has the order of the books of the Bible ever puzzled you? Why are all the gospels grouped together? Have you ever jumped around in Scripture, reading a paragraph here and there, and wondered how it relates to the other parts of Scripture? What if you could read through the whole New Testament, with every one in the whole church—in a short amount of time? In just 40 days, over eight weeks?

We will be doing just that in the Community Bible Experience, beginning June 29 through August 31. And you will be hearing a lot more about the Community Bible Experience in coming weeks.

But before that, Mornings with Michael will shift gears from the minor prophets to major theologians in church history. David Moser and Pastor Michael will introduce seven important figures from the history of the church who helped the church sharpen their understanding of the Trinity, Jesus, and the Christian life. We’ll take a look at Carl Henry, C.S. Lewis, Athanasius, Cyril of Alexandria, Thomas Aquinas, and Bonaventure. We’ll examine their theological contributions to the church as well as their pastoral heart for the people they served.

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