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Last fall we added this statement to our Core Values:

While the Bible uses several metaphors to describe the church, Village Church especially identifies with the church as home. Thus, we strive to foster a home-like environment where young and old Christians grow relationally into maturity and fruitfulness.”

During May and June we will focus our preaching and worship, as well as a number of other activities, around various passages of Scripture that gives shape to that view of our church.

After Easter we will begin with three Sundays focused on Jesus’ extraordinary story of the Prodigal Son. The story of the two wayward sons and their grace-filled Father gives shape to how we here at VCL think about our church’s fellowship, outreach, and worship. This story has long moved and shaped me and now we can explore it together.

The full series of sermons will help us examine compassion, our church family fellowship, and our home in heaven. We will explore the catch-phrase we’ve created: ChurchHome. We anticipate special fellowship times and an emphasis on membership. At our semi-annual congregational meeting on May 18 we will be able to talk about the possibilities ahead of us as we think through what it is for our church to be home to our congregation and a welcome place for those who do not yet know our Father.

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