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The Building and Grounds Ministry works tirelessly to improve our facility. Some things are easily visible, like the complete redo of the Ladies Room at the east end of the building. Some things are not as visible. A project currently in the works for April will positively impact VCL on a number of levels.

All the lighting in the church (where applicable) will be changed from our present incandescent and fluorescent to new LED or energy conserving sources. This work is being performed by a ComEd affiliate company and is part of an energy conservation program supported by the Energy Efficiency Program (EEP) monthly charge on all of our ComEd bills.

All the work and most of the cost of the bulbs (estimated to total $6,831!) is sup- ported by the earlier mentioned EEP program. Our only cost is for a couple of bulbs not supported by the program and the cost of a lift to allow them to reach the high ceiling bulbs in the Great Room – total out-of-pocket cost to VCL is $125! In addition to this, VCL will enjoy an estimated annual $445 savings on its electric utility bill, not to mention improved quality of light (brighter, cleaner) in the auditorium.

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