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We have long felt a serious pinch at VCL due to our technology limitations. To help, the Elders have approved hiring Andrew Seaman for a day a week. This will coincide with our office manager, Susan Beck, cutting back from four to three days a week beginning in late April, so there will be no financial impact on our budget.

Andrew has been an Elder at VCL till recently. He and Sarah, along with their two little boys, Micah and Ezra, live in Chicago. Because of the long drive they had decided to attend First Free Church in the Andersonville community. However, Andrew’s intimate knowledge of VCL is a huge plus in having him on our staff.

As our Information Technology and Communications Manager, we’re asking Andrew to see that our computers are all properly backed up and secure, to help us coordinate shared files and to migrate our staff to Google Apps. He is also helping us think about VCL’s use of social media and keeping our website more up-to-date.

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