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Over the course of the next couple months there will be significant changes to the Village Church website. It is our goal to have a clean, intuitive, and updated website that both visitors and regular attenders can visit. We are also attempting to improve our web presence on Facebook and Twitter in this social media minded age. So we’ll be using those accounts on a regular basis as well. We will also be using the website more to make announcements about events and happenings at VCL and in our local communities.

You probably are familiar with the Village Vine, VCL’s monthly newsletter. If you didn’t know already, we keep all of the year’s PDF versions of the Village Vine online for you to check out. Our updates of announcements and individual Vine articles on the website, however, have been sporadic in the past. But this is changing. We will now be keeping current with various announcements as well as posting the individual Vine articles on the Village Vine Blog.

To view the Village Vine Blog you can go to this link: You can also access the blog by going to, then to the “connect” tab, and then to the Village Vine Blog.

If you do not already follow us on Facebook or Twitter, it might be a quick and easy way to keep up to date with what’s going at VCL.

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