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Example photo

An example shot of the worship service

We’re always looking for interesting VCL pictures for our publications and website and many of you enjoy taking pictures, so here is our challenge. Between now and Mother’s Day (May 12) take pictures of our church and send them to us. Get creative.

We need pictures of the building and property (especially as trees and flowers begin to bloom), pictures that are more abstract and symbolic, and pictures with people in many different settings. The pictures may be from youth group or Growth Groups, from furniture moving, the nursery, or the worship service. We need pictures that work as backgrounds or as themes (a unique angle on the pulpit or a communion tray, for example, hands or hugs, bowed heads or the trees coming into bloom). Not only will we be able to use some of these photos in our promotional things, but we’ll show them off in a slide show on a Sunday morning.